JYSK inaugurates fourth high bay in Uldum

02/11/2018 - The mayor of Hedensted, Kasper Glyngø, participated in the official inauguration of high bay 4 in Uldum along with EVP Logistics in JYSK, Allan K. Kjærgaard.


SAO gives more time for customers

29/10/2018 - SAO - semi-automated ordering – was last year put in focus through an ambassador project, which has freed up more time for customer service.

Oskar Fisker Nielsen

Oskar digitises golden moments from VHS tapes

20/08/2018 - For the new JYSK Museum in Denmark, around 100 old VHS tapes have to be digitised. That is part of Oskar Fisker Nielsen’s job.

New learning preview

Virtual customers make learning fun

26/07/2018 - Recently JYSK employees around the world were introduced to new LMS training materials, which makes learning more fun.

Lemvig team

Stores say goodbye to paper

08/06/2018 - Since MYJYSK was introduced in all countries, all stores in JYSK Nordic have had the opportunity to handle tasks on the mobile. For the store in the Danish city of Lemvig, this provides better overview, better follow-up and keeps employees informed about things both large and small.

E-commerce Sales Manager Sarah

JYSK strengthens focus on online sales

29/05/2018 - In recent years, JYSK has been through a rapid development in E-business. Now, new forces must ensure that JYSK maintains the pace.


New system manages tasks on the mobile

30/06/2017 - JYSK Nordic introduces a new Task Management System to simplify work in stores and compile essential information in one place.


JYSK launches new mobile-friendly learning tool

26/06/2017 - JYSK employees can now complete E-learning from everywhere, at any time and on any device.


Mobiles provide more time for customers

23/06/2017 - In all JYSK Nordic stores across 20 countries, smartphones will make it easier for employees to complete tasks and provide more time for customers.