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New CFO wants to get closer to customers


Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Head of Communications & PR

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In her new "dream job", JYSK's CFO, Signe Lind Jacobsen, is looking forward to getting closer to the customers.

Signe Lind Jacobsen
"One of the things I expect to be able to contribute with is to put even more power into how finance can help the business make the right decisions," says Signe Lind Jacobsen.

"All the criteria for my dream job as CFO were met, so it's really the dream job I've got at JYSK."

This is the conclusion of Signe Lind Jacobsen, who had her first real working day at JYSK's international head office in Brabrand, Denmark, on 1 August 2023.

As a trained accountant and with over 20 years of experience in finance, 40-year-old Signe Lind Jacobsen has brought strong competencies to JYSK. Previously, the business card has included Bestseller, Rema 1000, Salling Group and most recently Danish Crown.

Closer to customers

Before the first day of work, she had already set up her JYSK email so she could keep up with developments.

"When I got my JYSK email, I also started getting the daily sales reports. I really like the daily part of retail, because you can basically see the numbers for yesterday, do something today and already see the results tomorrow. Being close to the customers has been something I've been really looking forward to working on," she says.

The new CFO wants to get closer to the customers, and she wants to make even greater use of JYSK's large amounts of financial data to achieve this.

"One of the things I expect to be able to contribute with is to put even more power into how finance can help the business make the right decisions. We have a very, very large amount of data that can undoubtedly help us in this direction," she explains.


  • 2023-: CFO and Executive Vice President, JYSK
  • 2021-23: Senior Vice President and CFO Commercial, Danish Crown
  • 2014-20: Finance Director, Salling Group
  • 2013-14: Commercial Controller, Läntmannen Unibake
  • 2012-13: Controller, Rema 1000 Denmark
  • 2008-12: Controller and later Finance Manager, Cadbury Stimorol
  • 2006-08: Controller, Bestseller
  • 2002-06: Accountant, Deloitte

Sustainability as value for the customer

In addition to the financial responsibility, the new CFO will also be responsible for the sustainability department, which will put even more focus on how JYSK can work with sustainability. She herself calls this "mega exciting".

According to her, the legal aspects must be kept under control as a matter of course.

"But I'm also interested in how we can make sustainability part of the business, so it's not just about reporting, but about making it a value for our customers," she says.

Signe Lind Jacobsen lives in the Aarhus suburb of Risskov, Denmark, with her self-employed husband Christian and the couple's two children, aged 10 and 12, plus the family's dog and cat.

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Sam Glad to see some gender diversity in senior leadership! Also smart to anchor sustainability to finance. You can't expect saving money and saving the world to always be perfectly in alignment, so many tough choices to make.

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