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JYSK is the best employer across Europe

Date: 10/07/2019

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: Awards , Careers & HR , People

In several countries, JYSK has won the AON Best Employer Award in competition with other well-known companies.

Best Employer Award in Romania and Bulgaria
Alex Bratu, Country Manager JYSK Romania and Bulgaria and Simona Carp, HR Manager receiving the AON Best Employer Award for Romania in April.

When JYSK Romania on 16 April received the AON Best Employer Award, it was probably not a big surprise for the employees in JYSK Romania.

But it was important to make potential new employees aware of JYSK as an employer and the working environment in JYSK.

“I am happy that I work in a company where employees are engaged, where they come up with ideas, speak positively about JYSK and are willing to make an extra effort to help their colleagues. This shows that our employees appreciate our values and the Scandinavian culture that is in our DNA,” says HR Manager in JYSK Romania, Simona Carp.

And she is it not the only happy JYSK employee who has received an award on behalf of the company in 2019, despite competition from other well-known employers.

Also in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, JYSK received the AON Best Employer Award, while JYSK was runner up in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Employees expect a lot

And the great results means a lot.

“Through our own internal employee satisfaction surveys, we already knew that JYSK employees in general are very satisfied with their company and the working culture. But to convince potential candidates to apply for a job at JYSK, it means a lot to win such awards in fierce competition with other great employers,” explains Regional HR Manager Kateryna Babenko.

And HR Manager in JYSK Czech Republic and Slovakia, Jan Bek, agrees.

“It is a stamp of quality for the company. The fact that it is the employees who rated us shows me, that the things we are doing and our culture are appreciated,” says Jan.

Best Employer Awards
JYSK and Best Employer Awards (from left): Czech Republic and Slovakia; Hungary; and Bosnia-Herzegovina

New knowledge

But even more importantly the AON Best Employer Award means more potential employees, explains Country Manager of JYSK Hungary Sandor Szimeiszter.

“I will not say that it is easy to get employees in Hungary, because our labour market is really crazy. But it means something in terms of brand and awareness. AON are really good at making the results known, and this means that more people are positive towards JYSK,” says Sandor and continues.

“When it was made public, I heard from a lot of people who previously had shown no interest in JYSK or my work.”

Furthermore, Sandor highlights that the answers from the survey also brought new knowledge to use internally.

“We learned more about what we can work with to increase employee satisfaction,” explains Sandor.

Aim for more

And according to Kateryna Babenko, JYSK will do a lot more to win awards and externally highlight the fact, that employees are generally really happy.

“The unemployment is generally low, and we see that the demands towards possible employers are getting higher, because most people want a job where they have the opportunity to grow and develop. We promise our employees that if they bring dedication, they meet possibilities, and from the results of our employee satisfaction surveys, we can see that we deliver on that promise. But we need to be better at showing the rest of the world, so our ambition is to get more awards in more countries,” says Kateryna.

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