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High employee satisfaction in JYSK

Date: 14/05/2020

Author: Laura Roesgaard, Communications & CSR Consultant

Category: Careers & HR , People

During January 2020, employees in 20 countries were asked how it is to work in JYSK. The result puts JYSK among the best-rated companies in terms of employee satisfaction.

ESS 2020
98 percent of the employees able to participate in the survey chose to do so.

The result of the 2020 Employee Satisfaction Survey (also known as ESS) is ready.

98 percent of employees participated in the survey, and overall they scored JYSK with 76 points out of 100 in terms of satisfaction and motivation, and regarding loyalty they scored JYSK with 83 points out of 100.

A score above 75 is seen as very good, and Executive Vice President HR, Jan Verhoek, is very satisfied with the results.

“It makes me happy and proud that we have created a working place, where we overall are happy to be and feel comfortable. That is crucial to the future success of JYSK,” says Jan.

He is also very happy that the immediate managers receive an overall score of 88, which means that JYSK employees are generally very happy with their closest manager.

“It means a lot for job satisfaction that you can trust your immediate manager,” explains Jan.

Jan Verhoek
Jan Verhoek, Executive Vice President HR.

JYSK in top-10

And we should be proud of the result in JYSK, as it places JYSK among the very best in the business. That is the message from the consultancy company ENNOVA, which carried out the survey in JYSK.

“Both in terms of satisfaction and motivation, JYSK has a very high score. When we compare with other of our big international companies, JYSK is in top-10. That is very impressive,” says Director in Ennova, Pernille Lundtoft Jensen.

Annually Ennova handles approximately 700,000 respondents and carry out satisfaction surveys for a lot of big international companies.

High participation rate

98 percent of the employees able to participate in the survey chose to do so. That is even higher than in 2018, where 97 percent participated.

”This is a very, very high number. It clearly shows that JYSK employees are very dedicated and take responsibility for their own well-being,” says Pernille Lundtoft Jensen.

In JYSK it is an important part of our values that employees let their voices be heard and that they use their right and duty to speak up.

Therefore Jan Verhoek as well as Executive Vice President Retail, Mikael Nielsen, are very happy that so many employees contributed.

Local differences

Even though JYSK is among the best, the results regarding satisfaction/motivation and loyalty are not as good as when the survey was carried out in 2018.

”The results are still very good. It is very normal to see a small setback for big companies that have very good results, as is the case with JYSK. When the curve hits 72-74, it will normally go down, and JYSK is at 76,” says Pernille Lundtoft Jensen.

The Ennova Director further explains that there are big local variations in the results. A fact that the management of JYSK takes very seriously.

”In JYSK we always aim to be the best of the best, and we can always do better. This is of course also the case when talking about job satisfaction,” says Jan Verhoek and adds:

”I can see that our employees are proud to work in JYSK, and that makes me happy and proud as well.”

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