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ESS 2020: Use your voice to improve your workplace

Date: 13/01/2020

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Category: Careers & HR , People

ESS 2020
Mikael Nielsen, Executive Vice President Retail (left), and Jan Verhoek, Executive Vice President HR.

From 14-29 January, all employees are encouraged to participate in ESS (Employee Satisfaction Survey) to make JYSK an even better place to work.

Every second year, JYSK asks all employees for their personal evaluation of their workplace. The purpose is to use employees’ feedback to continuously improve the work environment in JYSK, explains Jan Verhoek, Executive Vice President HR:

”The survey is made to get your honest and open feedback on how we can do things better tomorrow than we do today. To make sure that you can all speak your mind without any reservations, the survey is conducted by an external company called Ennova that is specialised in these kinds of surveys.”

And, according to Mikael Nielsen, Executive Vice President Retail, the idea of tracking progress by the numbers is well-known in JYSK:

“In JYSK, we are good at measuring our performance and we like it. We measure sales, customer service and now it is time to measure if we are one of the most attractive places to work.”

Learn more about ESS in the video below:

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Mercia Company is great at communication across the various platforms used. Relevant monthly targets and sales opportunities are presented which highly motivate staff in performing their best, in healthy between-store rivalry. Individual stores should have a higher focus on store roles and their daily, weekly, monthly duties, with a bigger push for in-store promotion/greater responsibility.

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