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Anca and her store won and improved turnover

Date: 11/11/2022

Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications Manager, JYSK Romania

Category: Awards , Sales Growth

A strong sales attitude brings great results. This is why JYSK decided to award the store with the best sales attitude in each country. Now you can meet one of these stores. 

JYSK Fagaras
JYSK Făgăraș team won the Sales Attitude competition.

During the financial year 2021-22, all JYSK stores competed in having the best sales attitude in the Best Sales Attitude competition. The winners for each country were announced in September 2022, and one of them is JYSK Făgăraș store from Romania. talked to Anca Cârstea, Store Manager JYSK Făgăraș, about how this competition helped her team to improve their results and to win.


Anca thinks that the way you look at the world, your work and your life influences your attitude and mindset.

During the five years she spent in JYSK, she saw that the colleagues who are successful are proactive and see the world in a positive manner. They manage to do a great job by having a winner’s mentality and being confident. 

JYSK Fagaras
The store team received the award during the Annual Party held in September in Bucharest.

“We have learned to always think about the customer, about the sales and to be competitive. For the past four years we were always among the first, we had very nice results and this helped our team in Făgăraș to always think like a winner. At the start of every contest, we are confident that we will win. Our work did not change, but it did become more interesting thanks to these competitions,” says Anca Cârstea.


JYSK Făgăraș had great results for three KPIs: garden furniture sales index, additional sales garden furniture with garden pillows and additional sales mattresses with top mattresses.

Anca says that when everyone is engaged and dedicated, the entire team is motivated to win.    

“We have made an action plan for each contest, we saw what we were good at and where we should improve. Each colleague had his or her own contribution while implementing the plan. We followed this plan and, depending on the weekly results, we adjusted it. The team celebrated together each time we had good results. But in some weeks, we were upset, so we tried new ideas to improve sales. The additional sales helped us a lot,” Anca remembers.

Each time they won, they felt even more motivated. If they could win a monthly competition, they could win all of them.

JYSK Fagaras 3
A happy team: colleagues from JYSK Făgăraș pose with their trophy. 


Being proactive also helped. The team did not just advise in-store customers according to their needs. They went beyond. 

Făgăraș is a small town right in the geographic center of Romania, at the foot of Făgăraș Mountains. These mountains include Moldoveanu Peak, the highest mountain in Romania, with an altitude 2,544 metres. The area is really beautiful and attractive for tourists.

The store team contacted hotels and private guestrooms in the area and presented great offers. When a potential customer did not buy, the staff was not disappointed. They knew many of them will come back to the store at a later point. And customers did come back.  

“The good results come when you think positive, when the team is engaged, when you know that every idea is important. There are no bad ideas, just ideas that you can build upon. To win a contest you need to have an action plan, make a weekly follow-up, make adjustments and communicate them to the entire team,” says Anca.


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