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Welcome to JYSK – meet three new colleagues

Date: 06/05/2019

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications & CSR Consultant

Category: Careers & HR , People

We have asked three new JYSK colleagues from different countries what it has been like to start in JYSK. Here, you can meet Claudio from Belgium, Julia from Denmark and Gordana from Bosnia. 

Claudio from Belgium

Claudio Raffione, Store Manager Trainee

“I was hired in JYSK on 22 October 2018 as Store Manager Trainee, to open the first store in Wallonia (French speaking part of Belgium). I started my training in the Oudenaarde store in Flanders (Dutch-speaking part of Belgium). After three months of intensive training and the arrival of several new colleagues, we started in February with the set up off the Sambreville store, which opened on 3 April 2019.

The arrival of JYSK in Wallonia is an important step for the company. I am very proud and honoured to be part of this great project with all my colleagues.
It has been four months since I joined the big JYSK team and it is a great adventure. Every day I learn new things about the company but what is interesting is that I also learn many new things about myself, which allows me to develop in a positive way.

In JYSK, the possibilities are great. When you work hard and are committed to the store, JYSK creates opportunities to develop quickly. The motto "the sky is the limit" really makes sense.”

Julia Ellehammer, Sales Leader 


Julia from Denmark

“My start in JYSK has been incredibly exciting and very informative – I have learned new things every day. Everyone has been very open and made me feel welcome. I am already curious about what challenges the future will bring me.” 

Julia is a Sales Leader in the JYSK store in Skejby located in Aarhus - Denmark's second largest city. 



Gordana from Bosnia, West Balkan 

Gordana Stanić, District Manager

“My expectations were fulfilled at the very beginning. In my first working days, I attended the annual celebration in Sarajevo where almost 1,100 employees from all over JYSK West Balkan were gathered and I could feel the positive energy. What has surprised me the most is the positive atmosphere in our stores, strong and positive energy in meetings, the expression and appreciation of opinions, the development and respect of employees, and an open and honest approach and orientation towards achieving goals.

I was surprised to see that all of the processes in the organisation were at such a high level. My introduction programme as District Manager was excellent, filled with various trainings both at Head Office and in stores.
The first part of the introduction programme was with my colleagues in a store in Požega, Croatia, where I passed the training for the store manager.
The second part had to do with the operational part of a District Manager's work.
In the next part of the introduction, we will focus on the skills of leading, motivating and developing a team.

I was amazed by the great support of my colleagues from the very beginning and I am surrounded by wonderful people that i learn from every day.”

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