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Update from our CEO: JYSK will stay on track

Date: 11/01/2021

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Jan Bøgh
Jan Bøgh, CEO & President

Dear colleagues,

I had hoped that it would not be necessary to once again write to all of you in a situation where the majority of our stores across Europe are closed as a result of coronavirus. But unfortunately this is now the case.

Since October, we have gradually seen more and more of our stores closed, and the current situation is very serious and costly for JYSK.

However, just as in the spring, where the situation looked very serious as well, I want to make it clear to all of you that I, my colleagues in the Executive Management Team and our owners still believe in the future of JYSK.

This means that we will continue to plan for the long term and keep investing in long-term projects.

Hope ahead

There are now several vaccines being approved, and like most others, I hope that the European governments will be effective in rolling them out and ensuring that we can return to a more normal way of life as soon as possible.

This also means that we still believe we will need all of our current employees, and hopefully a lot of new ones in the years to come.

I cannot say anything to reduce the pain for those of you who have lost loved ones. Nor can I make your everyday life more pleasant in a situation where a lot of the rights and possibilities we are used to have been taken away. But hopefully I can reduce any fears about losing your job.

We still believe that such measures will not become necessary.

Great efforts

I also want to use this opportunity to once again express my joy in how JYSK employees across the company have handled the situation so far.

Although some of you have had to help with tasks very different from your normal job, or suddenly have had a lot of extra work under difficult circumstances, everyone has taken on the tasks and done the best job possible.

That is the attitude that will get us through the crisis and ensure growth on the other side.

For those of you who can still work, I want to say thank you for your efforts and ask you to keep up the good work. It is your efforts, which are keeping JYSK above water right now.

For those of you who are sent home because of closed stores, I only ask that you take care of yourself and your loved ones. I look forward to having all of you back at work again.

Best wishes,

Jan Bøgh
CEO & President

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