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Three colleagues explain how they became District Managers

Date: 05/04/2019

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager, JYSK

Category: Careers & HR

We asked three colleagues about their experiences as District Manager Trainees (DMT for short).

Before becoming District Manager in JYSK, a potential candidate goes through the District Manager Trainee programme to learn all the needed skills to be successful in their new role.

Here you can meet three colleagues, who have been on the District Manager Trainee programme.

Jimmy from JYSK Sweden


“Before I became DMT, I worked as a Store Manager in JYSK Växjö. After going through the education, I actually stepped in as DM for Östergötland in January 2019. The biggest difference is that I now spend less time in one specific store, which was kind of different in the beginning. Now I support a lot of different stores and Store Managers. And I think it is a big advantage that I have been in JYSK for a long time as responsible for a store and been through the internal programme because now I have a lot of experience from different parts of the organisation that I can use in the role as DM.”

Arthur from JYSK Netherlands


“Before I became DMT (and DM since December 2018), I was Store Manager in JYSK Nijmegen. I became DMT because of my drive for being the best at what I do and taking every opportunity to be an ambassador for JYSK. For example, when we got the chance to visit one of our mattress suppliers, I was the first to secure my place. After the visit, I gave presentations in the stores about the specifications, and I trained the store employees in sales and service as well. I was positively surprised that, during my DMT training, every department hosted a seminar about what they do and how they can help me in becoming and working as a DM. That feeling of being a team with common goals and a winning mentality has made me proud to be part of this organisation.”

Fredrik from JYSK Norway


“What has ensured success for my part in the stores is to create ownership and a desire to succeed among the staff. Before becoming DMT, I worked several years as a department manager in Elkjøp, an electronics retailer in Norway. Followed by two years as a Store Manager in JYSK Os, before I went on to JYSK Laksevåg in April 2018. What has surprised me the most about the DMT programme is the possible outcomes of a DM’s staff follow-up and the operation of a district. From really effective to the opposite. Finding your right working methodology becomes crucial."

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