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One day in JYSK: Four colleagues share their workday

Date: 07/06/2019

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications & CSR Consultant

Category: Careers & HR , People

With more than 23,000 colleagues across many different countries, no two workdays are the same in JYSK. We asked four JYSK colleagues to share their workday on

Below you will meet:

  • Strahinja from JYSK Smederevo in Serbia.

  • Athanasios from Customer Service Centre in JYSK Greece.

  • Valentin from Distribution Centre Bozhurishte in Bulgaria.

  • Marjaana from JYSK Finland's Head Office.

Strahinja from JYSK Smederevo in Serbia

Name: Strahinja Vujović
Job: Store Manager in JYSK Smederevo in Serbia.


We prepare for another successful day from the morning with a cup of coffee and a motivational talk with my colleagues. 


We start each day with a smile on our face, which can be seen in the excellent results that follow us for months and years. Here, we are proudly looking at the green indexes on the screen.


I spend part of my day training future JYSK leaders. Today, I met with a high school apprentice, who could be “the next me” in JYSK. 


Enthusiasm and strong energy is what drives our team and therefore we always have time for a joke. Having fun together prepares us for future challenges and victories. 

Athanasios from Customer Service Centre in JYSK Greece

Name: Athanasios Vorilas
Job: Customer Service Area Responsible


My day starts with a short meeting with our Customer Service Manager. We use these meetings for updates and information about any issues and decide on the tasks for the day.

Greece 3

A great part of my work is the daily communication with our customers. We handle requests from customers through phone calls, emails, chat requests and Facebook comments, and I do my best to help the customers and give them a good experience with JYSK. I take care of requests from customers both in our physical stores and online.

Greece 4

Another important part of my job is our Outlet Corner where I am responsible for all online orders that are returned. When we receive returned products, I prepare them and make sure they are intact so that they can be sold again at reduced prices.

Greece 5

By handling all online returns, I can also help customers who need extra spare parts, if they are missing or damaged in the products. Then I find the parts needed and send them directly to the customers ensuring that customers get quick service and can enjoy our products.

Valentin from Distribution Centre Bozhurishte in Bulgaria

Name: Valentin Dzhanabetski
Job: Goods Receipt Specialist


When the goods arrive in trucks or containers at the Distribution Centre, I help unload the goods and pack them on pallets. It is my job to accept accurately the quantity of the goods that arrive at the Distribution Centre. The quantities are really big, for example we received goods with a total weight of 800,000 kilos in April. Therefore, it is very important that we handle each item carefully. 


After counting the items, I am responsible for measuring the dimension and weight of each item. This is a very important process because wrong measurements can lead to wrong storage of the goods or errors in picking products for the stores. 


It is also my task to register all products in our warehouse management system, by putting barcodes on the packages so that my colleagues can handle the goods from here.


Finally, I determine the storage of the packages. I scan the locations of the goods and pallets once they are stored and note this information in our system to keep track of the goods. I also follow up on the storage of the products and, if necessary, make suggestions for better use of space.

Marjaana from JYSK Finland's Head Office

Name: Marjaana Lehtinen
Job: Team Leader, Salary Department

Finland 1

Together with my two colleagues, Anni Jutila and Katarina Kivimäki, our daily work is to support managers, prepare contracts, and answer requests from our colleagues. We receive around 600 emails monthly and we get many tickets and phone calls. Usually people think that payroll accountants are boring, but in my team, our strength is absolutely humor and "a twinkle in the eye".

Finland 2

The wall behind me used to be full of binders from floor to ceiling. During the last six months, we have radically changed the way we work in our department and automated many routines. We have eliminated many old manual procedures and made more time to develop the systems and to train and support our colleagues.

Finland 3

I am happy that I get to work with colleagues from other departments as well. For example, I work together with our HR Manager Leena Saario, who is in the photo with me, and our Finance Manager to develop JYSK to become an even better place to work. 

Finland 4

When I arrive at the office, I can never be sure that I can do the tasks I have planned. I have to be ready to jump from one task to another, but that is the way I enjoy working. A busy environment is best for me. My motto is according to Richard Branson (a famous English businessman): “Employees are our first customers!” Meaning that when we in support functions, like the Salary Department, serve our colleagues well and according to JYSK Values, our colleagues can serve customers well in the stores.

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