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New chance arises for more B2B sales


Author: Julia Rojahn, Communications Consultant Germany

Category: Sales Growth , Strategy

The time has come: The JYSK Focus Period is entering its third round. That means: new chances for more B2B sales and best practice sharing. 

1,844 new registrations from Business to Business customers (B2B) - and that in just two weeks. This is the result of the past B2B Focus Period of JYSK Germany. And there was even more.

"During this time, we increased our B2B sales by 40 percent compared to the same period last year," says Bianca Pohlmann, B2B Manager JYSK Germany.

Eight persons in JYSK shirts smile and hold cups with the phrase "I love B2B"
Team B2B Germany

And the next Focus Period is just around the corner. From the end of February, the third round will take place in the 15 JYSK countries with B2B departments. This time, too, the goal is clear. 

"With the focus period, we want to make our store teams aware of the opportunities that B2B offers," says Bianca.

Play to win 

That's why B2B Germany started a special challenge for the biggest JYSK market: The stores that register the most new B2B customers during the focus period win a very special team event – namely a pizza party. 

Eight persons are sitting on a bed, it's the store team from Norden, Germany
Team Norden from Germany is ready for the next Focus Period.

This competition was already part of the past Focus Period in Germany. Store Norden not far from the North Sea coast accepted this challenge 100 percent.

Here alone, Store Manager Marco Schmidt's team registered 50 new B2B customers during the last round. This meant that Norden was number one in Germany. They had B2B as a topic in the store every day. 

"We were hot for success, and we pushed each other as a team and paid attention to special features – such as large quantities of goods or special e-mail addresses."

Extra support from the stores

But no matter where new B2B customers are acquired: they all have to be registered. And in order to shorten the processing time, JYSK Germany set up a task force during the last focus period, which was headed by B2B sales consultant Yannick Ritter. 

The team currently consists of six store colleagues who work part-time. They continue to work normally in the stores and also support the B2B department from home. In addition to customer registration, they answer questions and send out newsletters, among other things. 

"It's super cool to see the flow of customers that B2B generates. The focus period is a big chance of generating even more B2B customers and sales. I am sure that other countries can get the same great results,” says Bianca.

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Kamylla o B2B é incrível para aaumentarmos as vendas e podermos mostrar mais para os clientes os artigos incríveis que nós temos. Qualquer ramo de atividade precisa de algum dos nossos produtos :)
Além de fidelizar melhor os clientes.
Ansiosa para ter o B2B a funcionar a todo vapor em nossa loja :D

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