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Local engagement increases B2B sales in Greece

Date: 19/10/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Sales Growth

Julia Giannakoulia
Julia Giannakoulia is Logistics Responsible in the store on Rhodes, Greece.

JYSK Greece has great success with Business to Business (B2B) sales. The secret behind is a strong local presence and cooperation.

In Greece, the share of Business to Business sales is the highest in JYSK. This is despite the fact that Greece has only had a B2B department since January 2021. However, the sales share was already high before then.

Julia Giannakoulia is Logistics Responsible in the store on the Greek island of Rhodes, and she has worked with B2B customers for many years. According to her, the local commitment and engagement is very important.

“We have some B2B customers that we know by name and we have developed a great business relationship. In addition, the B2B department is a great help for us to confirm the availability of products in stock and support us with the customer service they need,” says Julia.

Focus on the neighbourhood

Whenever a new hotel, restaurant or other new business open near a JYSK store, an employee from the JYSK store contacts the new business and passes on the contact details to the B2B department. And when a new JYSK store opens, all relevant businesses in the neighbourhood are invited for the store opening.

Themis Katsis
Themis Katsis is B2B Manager in JYSK Greece.

Here the B2B department supports the store with monthly calls with tips and tricks, leaflets, and attention on social media, and motivates stores with competitions to improve sales. Furthermore, the B2B department also shows up with roll-up banners to meet potential new customers at store openings.

“Our motto is ‘small steps overcome goals’, so we work with team spirit, being bold and having a ‘yes I can’ attitude and giving feedback. We have a lot of small companies that want to purchase from us, but there is still room to increase it,” says Themis Katsis, B2B Manager in JYSK Greece.

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