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JYSK’s handymen will have their hands full

Date: 03/06/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Attractive Stores , Expansion

More than 2,000 store activities are planned in the coming years, and the E-Team is involved in every activity. Therefore, the E-Teams are growing in several countries.

“We know that this requires a lot from a lot of different departments.”

Those were the words from CEO & President Jan Bøgh, as JYSK announced that all stores will be upgraded to Store Concept 3.0 before the end of 2024. More than 2,000 stores are still to be upgraded and along with that JYSK still plans to open about 150 new stores each year.

One of the departments that will be very busy is the E-Team (Establishment Team) department. In several countries, the teams are growing, and one of those countries is Hungary.

“We are expanding to a third E-Team to be able to cover 30 projects in a year. All in all, I will have 3 E-Team Leaders and 12 E-Team Members (4 members in each team),” says Zoltán Németh, Store Concept Manager in JYSK Hungary.

From sailor to E-Team Member

E-Team in actionThe current E-Team members in Hungary are all between 26 and 53 years old, and the team consists of one woman and nine men.

While some E-Team Members have previously been JYSK store employees, the Hungarian colleagues come from very different jobs. One has been working at theatres in a stage/technician crew, one has been working as a security guard, and a third has been a sailor on an international river hotel ship.

Now, they are the super experts on the JYSK store concepts, who are involved in every store activity in JYSK. Here they help build up a store in their very detailed timeline and workflow. This is also what the newest E-Team Member in Hungary, Péter Dobos, likes about his job.

“I was looking for a stable and practical job. As far as I see, at JYSK the aim is to provide high quality work and task management as this helps the company to improve. In the E-Team, we are creating a new image and as such we are bringing renewal to the stores,” says Péter.

A lot of travelling

The job includes a lot of travelling, as the E-Team often stays during the week in the city with the store activity. This offers both positives and negatives.

“We work effectively during the week to have almost every weekend free, during which I try to spend quality time with my wife and family. Sometimes my wife takes one week off – especially during summer – and joins me on a trip. In this way, we have the afternoons and the weekend to look around in the city where we work,” says Zoltán Bodonyi, E-Team Member.

The number of planned store activities in all JYSK countries means that more than one store must be rebuilt every day.

One of the E-Teams in Hungary.


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Kerstin Awesome behind the scenes. Thank you für sharing and giving us the opportunity to share the article when we open vacant E-Team positions in JAT as well.

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