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JYSK employees save on energy

JYSK saves on energy

Date: 14/11/2022

Author: Lisette Købsted-Nielsen, Communications Consultant


JYSK takes responsibility and saves on energy across all countries. This includes a decrease in electricity usage and control of temperature regulating appliances.


JYSK have prepared an updated spotlight concept for Store Concept 3.0 stores.

The JYSK stores will have less light, but with the updated concept, the customers will still have a great shopping experience.

With the new lighting concept, JYSK decreases energy consumption at least 25% on store lighting compared to current levels.

JYSK saves on electricity and temperature regulation in all locations throughout the organisation. The light consumption has been reduced where possible, large signs on distribution centres have been switched off, temperatures are controlled in offices, stores and distribution centres across all countries and smaller energy saving initiatives have additionally been implemented in various countries.

“At JYSK, we are aware of our responsibility as a large international organisation. We have ensured that our efforts in saving energy are implemented across all our locations with clear guidelines for all employees. Also, we are continuously exploring ways to do even more to save on energy in the future,” says Jan Bøgh, President & CEO in JYSK.

Savings competitions

As one of more energy saving initiatives, JYSK has yearly competitions in Denmark and Sweden.

In both countries, all stores compete against each other to save the most energy on a yearly basis compared to the previous year.

“In Denmark, we have the competition for two reasons. First, JYSK needs to take responsibility. It only makes sense that everyone does what they can. Second, competitions are always a great tool to implement behavioural changes. So, we motivate our employees to save on energy in the stores through competition,” says Bo V. Andersen, Country Manager in JYSK Denmark.

Winners of the Swedish competition FY22
JYSK Ystad won the FY22 competition in Sweden.

In Sweden, it all started in FY21. So, the competition is now running on its third financial year.

“We started the competition as an incentive for the stores to start thinking sustainable. With 155 stores, we believe it is important to do our part in being sustainable. Since we started before the energy crisis, we were already in the right mindset about saving on energy when the crisis hit,” says Sara Winblad, Development Manager in JYSK Sweden.

Sharing best practices

The store employees in Denmark help each other remember good energy saving practices to be the best store.

“I visit stores all over Denmark regularly, and the employees take the competition seriously. They want to do better. I also see that they are really motivated to help each other as they remind each other to turn off the light and not turn the air conditioning up too high,” says Bo.

In Sweden, the store employees also help each other to be better.

“The general reaction has been positive to the competition. We have shared some energy saving tips on our local Facebook page, and I think that got the store employees to do more. They also shared their best tips and tricks for saving energy with each other,” says Sara.

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