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HR Managers compete in employer branding

Date: 19/10/2017

Author: Martin Møller Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Category: Careers & HR

During a gathering in Budapest, HR Managers from JYSK Nordic’s different countries tested their skills in employer branding.

HR and Retail Managers joined forces in Budapest.
HR Managers and Retail Managers joined forces in Budapest.

Many employees have been convinced already that JYSK is a great place to work. Potential candidates for a job at JYSK, however, may not know as much – yet.

That is why, in the new financial year, which began on September 1st, JYSK’s local and international HR colleagues will dedicate a lot of resources and energy on so-called employer branding to let the world know what it means to work at JYSK.

Winning Facebook post
The winning Facebook post.

Boot camp in Budapest

At the end of September, HR Managers from the countries where JYSK Nordic operates stores met in the Hungarian capital of Budapest to share experiences and best practice.

“Employer branding is not about creating an unrealistic image of how fantastic it is to be working at JYSK. We want to share our reality with the world and give potential applicants an honest and straightforward impression of JYSK as their future employer,” explains Jan Verhoek, Executive Vice President of HR in JYSK Nordic.

According to Jan, JYSK is doing better than a lot of competitors both in terms of employee satisfaction, compensation levels and company spirit.

A creative challenge

To challenge their own skills in employer branding, the HR Managers were divided into groups and given the task of creating a Facebook post that explained the meeting to the outside world.

“We wanted our HR colleagues to be creative and put the meeting in perspective to the rest of the world. Why are we at this meeting, and why does it matter to anyone? I think everyone did a great job, so it was hard to pick a winner,” says Kateryna Babenko, Regional HR Manager in JYSK Nordic, who organised the employer branding part of the meeting.

In the end, the winning post came from a team with three people, who were awarded a special “JYSK Influencer” badge: Ana Zlopaša, HR Business Partner from Croatia; Leena Saario, HR Manager from Finland; and Imre Kádár, HR Manager from Hungary.

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