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ESS 2020: See how your colleagues have improved their workplace

Date: 23/01/2020

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager, JYSK

Category: Careers & HR , People

Since the latest ESS (Employee Satisfaction Survey) in 2018, JYSK colleagues have worked hard to improve their own workplace in ways both large and small.

Below you can get to know more about what your colleagues have done so far to make JYSK an even better place to work. Hopefully it can inspire you to do the same.


Elli and team
Store Manager Elli Pesonen (bottom left) with her team.

How have you worked with the results from the latest ESS in 2018?

As the first action, we held a meeting together with the entire store staff, where we formed an action plan to secure the needed improvements. We quickly achieved results in some of the improvement areas, e.g. increased job circulation. After the 2018 ESS action plan was first created, we have reviewed the results and actions on a quarterly basis in store meetings.

Which concrete improvements have you made in your store?

We started paying more attention to recruitment and finding the perfect people for our team. After the dream team was assembled, we started a six-month period of introduction to the tasks combined with a lot of follow-up and feedback for both existing and new staff.

As the most significant improvement since the 2018 ESS, I would name our team spirit. It certainly was not easy to build it, but we made it.  Now our store’s atmosphere is so phenomenal that problems feel like challenges and challenges feel like chances to win – together.


Dominik Kołodziej (right) with a colleague at Distribution Centre Radomsko.

How have you worked with the results from the latest ESS in 2018?

We focused on the areas that needed improvement and involved colleagues from different departments, which has resulted in many different projects in the Operations department.

Which concrete improvements have you made in your department?

One example is the "Accessible and Nice" project in which Operations and IT employees took part. The project was aimed at increasing the efficiency of using equipment and improving the physical working environment in the distribution centre.

As part of this project, a new system called “OpTrack” was designed. This is a tool that, among other things, is used to report faults in forklifts. Now there is always an employee in the battery room responsible for the replacement and ongoing repair of equipment.

We also installed info screens with up-to-date information on the condition of forklifts in the warehouse, so everyone can quickly and easily find the needed equipment.


Anda and team
The team from Arad 1 in Romania.​​​​​

How have you worked with the results from the latest ESS in 2018?

The 2018 ESS results were a pleasant surprise. Analysing the graphs helped me understand better how my colleagues see the daily activity in the store, what they do not like so much and how can I improve the working conditions. After receiving the results from ESS, I organised a small meeting with the colleagues, where we discussed some issues openly and, together with the District Manager, I have made an action plan to improve these.

Which concrete improvements have you made in your store?

One of our focus areas that had a lower score within the store was safety at work, an aspect discussed during the meeting and subsequently improved throughout the year. The first change that I have made was to ensure that there are always at least two colleagues available for unloading the truck and arranging the packages in the warehouse. Also,we define the Timeplan in order to have at least two colleagues for the sales area when it is crowded.


Jeppe and team
Store Manager and District Manager Trainee Jeppe Halvorsen (second from left) with his team.

How have you worked with the results from the latest ESS in 2018?

When we got the results in 2018, we could see that half of our employees felt that their job did not make the best use of their skills, and we could see that they wanted more challenges in their job. They also said that the variation in their job was not good enough.

We started by changing our internal organisation with input from the survey, but also input from PDP (Personal Development Plan) to make the new internal organisation. We gave them challenges and responsibility for space and conceptual updates.

Which concrete improvements have you made in your store?

We have worked a lot with sales and service trainings, and we have made sure that everyone has been trained to perform all roles. Before it was Store Manager who gave feedback and now everybody works with feedback the JYSK way, to make sure that each and all of us can grow and become better salesmen.

This has helped us to get happier employees, and when we have happy employees, we sell even more.


The group consists of (from left) Hjalte Steensen, Category Manager for Online, Marianne Trane Christoffersen, Supply Planner, Tina Nymann, Category Buyer in Homeware, Sara Højgaard Rasmussen, Category Manager in Home Textiles, and Lars Høgh Jensen, Packaging Development Specialist.

How have you worked with the results from the latest ESS in 2018?

Following several years with Purchasing scoring lower than the rest of the Head Office, it was decided to introduce a so-called “Job Satisfaction & Motivation Group” to work on improving our job satisfaction. It also became part of our business plan in 2018 to improve our working environment. We want to take care of both small and large cases from our everyday work and find ways to improve our working environment.

Which concrete improvements have you made in your department?

We have focused on improving some of the “soft” factors that we can influence. That includes an optimised introduction plan for our new colleagues. A guideline for one-to-one quarterly meetings between employees and their direct leader. And surveys of the department’s social activities and input for our group.

At our monthly department meetings, we also get external speakers to inspire us from other departments or companies, and we celebrate a major success of the quarter and of the year.

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