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A new Powerline: JYSK makes significant change to stores


Author: Martin Sodemann, Communications Consultant

Category: Attractive Stores , Product Assortment , Sales Growth

This was the new look Powerline, that was tested in Croatia.

We are giving our Powerline an overhaul to make it even easier for our customers to locate our most popular products.   

New concept and even more powerful. The Powerline in our JYSK stores has been updated and will be different in the future. Instead of solely relying on campaign offers, it will feature some of our “Everyday Low Price” products as well.   

The Powerline runs down the middle of the aisle when you enter a JYSK store, making it an ideal spot to display some of our most popular products.  

“Previously, we would prioritise showcasing our campaign products in the Powerline, but when the prices would go back to normal, they would not be as attractive. With this change, the products in our Powerline will always be attractive as most of them are part of our Everyday Low Price selection,” says Carsten Nørgreen Weinkouff, Executive Vice President of Retail Development, B2B and CSC.  

Due to market instability and inflation, despite its recent decline, many retailers have been very aggressive on price and placement of their products.   

JYSK wanted to respond to that, but in our own JYSK way, and therefore we set up a test of the new concept in our stores in Croatia.   

“Our vision is to be customers’ first choice. With the new Powerline setup, we see significant potential to attract even more customers by highlighting our attractive articles at attractive prices in the stores,” says Crystal Wu Qingxia Allerslev, Regional Head of Sales for JYSK in Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.  



More time for the customer  

The changes have had a clear impact. Sales went up and the feedback from our stores in Croatia was positive. That’s why JYSK has decided to make the change in all stores.  

In most stores, the new Powerline has already been introduced, and many colleagues might have already noticed a big difference from the old setup.   

With a continuous selection of items in the Powerline, the days of changing it weekly for promotions are over. This will free up time to spend with customers.   

“Counting the hours saved in every JYSK store results in significant savings. This allows employees to spend more time on customer service, which means greater sales potential,” says Crystal.   

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