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Back to a new reality in JYSK stores

Date: 25/06/2020

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: Attractive Stores , People

Plexiglass on desk
Plexiglass on the cashier's desk.

All JYSK stores have now reopened, but coronavirus means new tasks and new routines.

Alcohol cleaning of hands, masks and keeping distance are some of the new routines that have become part of everyday life in JYSK stores throughout the world.

But in some countries the post-corona reality means that store employees have to do other tasks such as taking the temperature of customers.

Check each other

This is the case in Romania, where this has been decided by the national government.

In most of the JYSK stores, the temperature of the customers are taken by a guard. However, some JYSK stores do not have a guard, so in these stores one of our colleagues has to do this task.

Ildiko Bada
Ildiko Bada, Store Manager in JYSK Baia Mare.

“We are working in shifts for this task, and none of us really like doing this. Either me or another colleague that is available has to stay at the door and ask each customer to allow us to take their temperature,” explains Ildiko Bada, Store Manager in JYSK Baia Mare.

But it is not all bad, as parts of the new task can also be fun.

"In the morning we also have to check the temperature of each store staff member. We have a bit of fun pointing the infrared thermometre at each other,” says Ildiko.

Italy colleagues
From left: Massimo Rizzato, Marco Filippini, Silvia Zanin and Store Manager Filippo Puliero.

Mandatory route

Italy is one of the countries that has suffered most from the consequences of coronavirus, but also here the stores have now reopened under strict guidelines.

“All employees were impatient to back in the store. We prepared the reopening by adapting the store to the new rules introduced to limit the spread of the virus. At the entrance, we placed a special station where each customer can find protective gloves and hand sanitising gel. We also created a mandatory route inside the store to avoid gatherings and ensure social distancing,” explains Store Manager of Bussolengo Italy, Filippo Puliero, and continues:

“One of the challenges was that customers and staff had to get used to the masks, even though they sometimes make it difficult to communicate effectively.”

Great sales

Just as most other stores, JYSK in Bussolengo has had many customers and great sales since the reopening.

“Fortunately, we had a great reopening. Our customers - just like us - were impatient to go back shopping. We often found ourselves dealing with delicate and difficult cases, but this has meant that more than ever before we have had to use our compassion and empathy towards customers,” says Filippo.

My Ohlander
My Ohlander, Deputy Store Manager of Väla, Helsingborg.

Corona meetings

While the stores in Italy were closed for a long period of time, the stores in Sweden have remained open throughout the whole corona outbreak.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, the staff was very nervous and we started every morning meeting with a talk about corona. We came up with different solutions that made it easier for us in the store to handle the feelings around corona and the actions that we have taken. We changed all textile towels in the bathroom and kitchen to paper towels and used more alco gel. We often wash our hands. And when you feel the tiniest bit ill, you stay at home. Which has worked really well,” explains Deputy Store Manager of Väla, Helsingborg, My Ohlander.

Generally the Swedish way to stop the virus is to empower the people to make the right decisions, but JYSK Sweden has taken new measures.

“We have put up signs around the store and stickers on the floor with the messages to keep a distance. We have also decided that delivery of bought products to customers are done in the back of the store, so that customers can wait in their cars instead of in the store. We have also installed Plexiglas at the cash registers to prevent infection from spreading in situations where it is harder to keep a distance,” says My.

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