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Stores say goodbye to paper

Date: 08/06/2018

Author: Jan Fønss Bach, Intranet Manager

Category: Attractive Stores , Technology

Mike Olsen
Mike Olsen, Store Manager in Lemvig, with his mobile.

Since MYJYSK was introduced in all countries, all stores in JYSK Nordic have had the opportunity to handle tasks on the mobile. For the store in the Danish city of Lemvig, this provides better overview, better follow-up and keeps employees informed about things both large and small.

Every morning, Store Manager Mike Olsen walks around the Lemvig store to make sure everything is ready before the first customers arrive. He has been doing that since he became responsible for the store last year, but in February this year, his morning routines have changed significantly.

As before, Mike's sharp eye notices every detail, but now most of his work happens on the mobile, and paper notes are becoming history in the Lemvig store. All observations from the inspection are registered and then forwarded as tasks in MYJYSK. This makes it easier for both Mike and his colleagues in the store.

"It gives a much better overview than before, and it has become much easier to follow up on tasks. In the past, paper notes were everywhere in the office, and sometimes we were in doubt whether a task was finished. Now everything is on the phone and we can all see if a task is resolved," says Mike.

Sales Leader Charlotte Vestergaard agrees:

"It is very good once you get the hang of it," she says, highlighting the information she now gets on her mobile.

"I usually go to MYJYSK in the morning, at noon and in the evening to see if there is important news. There is at least one news from our District Manager a day, and generally I think we get more information now than before," says Charlotte.

Everyone is on board

In the store in Lemvig, it is not only the Store Manager or Sales Leader who put tasks into MYJYSK.

"Everybody is allowed to put in asks because we work together as a team," says Mike.

Lemvig team
From left: Area Responsible Zanne Olesen, Sales Leader Charlotte Vestergaard and Store Manager Mike Olsen.

Area Responsible Zanne Olesen is one of the colleagues, who frequently uses MYJYSK for her own tasks.

"I use MYJYSK to keep track of my tasks when I have Area Responsible time. It gives me a nice overview. I also use it to look up the Store Concept or Space manuals if I am in doubt about something," says Zanne.

Greater focus on sales

Lemvig tops the chart

Month by month, the number of tasks on MYJYSK increases. From April to May, the increase in the number of “Quick tasks” has been 25 percent.

The store in Lemvig is the store in Denmark that creates the most tasks in MYJYSK. They are also on top when it comes to performing the most tasks on time.

Lemvig is continuously increasing the number of tasks in MYJYSK.

"It makes a lot of sense to us. We put almost everything in here now – also routine tasks, such as our closing routines. It makes it much easier for new employees to get into things when we do this," says Mike.

When the store's employees meet up for "Customer First" in the morning, they clearly notice a difference compared to earlier.

"There has been much more focus on sales now because the tasks are on the mobile, and everyone knows what to do. Instead, we can use our energy on sales and great customer service," says Mike.

He sees great perspectives if all stores start using MYJYSK as effectively as in his own store.

"Lemvig is a relatively small store, but when I look at our results, I really think this can change a lot in the big stores."

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