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Sales Attitude is glowing in stores

Date: 15/07/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

The first month of the Sales Attitude Competition is over, and the second round is now running. In the United Kingdom, the winner of the 1st round is eager for more.

Donna Lester
Donna Lester is Deputy Store Manager in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Customer first.

That is a central part of JYSK’s strategy, and it has also been highlighted more than ever in all JYSK stores around the world during June. The Sales Attitude Competition has challenged stores to offer their best service to customers and to secure that above all is customer contact in stores.

In the United Kingdom, the store in Liverpool is the best example, as the store colleagues have managed to take the overall win in the first round with the best score based on Garden sales.

“It is amazing, and I could not have done it without the team. We created a competition between staff, who could sell the most, and I have secured full stock, which really helped us,” says Donna Lester, Deputy Store Manager in Liverpool.

July’s focus is on mattresses

In July, the Sales Attitude Competition continues with a focus on mattresses, and in the Liverpool store, Donna and her team are going for more. The overall winner after three rounds will win a weekend trip.

“We will need some trainings because we are still a pretty new team. But I am excited for the next round and we will see what comes,” says Donna.

LogoRetail Operational Director, Michael Olesen, is pleased to see how JYSK stores all over the world are giving their best to secure the best possible sales attitude towards customers.

“It is fantastic to see how stores have increased the focus on approaching our customers and doing their outmost to secure that customers get what they need. It is a pleasure to visit stores all over Europe and see colleagues, who stop what they are doing, when a customer enters our stores, and start up the dialogue with the customer,” says Michael.

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