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Input from customers is a goldmine of knowledge

Date: 10/02/2020

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: Customer Service , People

JYSK is introducing Customer Satisfaction Survey in all stores to get a better understanding of what customers want and to provide the best possible service.

Store Manager Steffan Bjørkmann from Herning Denmark
Store Manager Steffan Bjørkmann from Herning Denmark

What men want or what women what is a commonly used plot for popular movies.

But knowing what other people want is not just a fun idea for a movie. It can be very useful in retail, and by introducing Customer Satisfaction Survey in all JYSK stores, JYSK aim to get a better understanding of what our customers want.

“I think it is a very good tool. As a leader, I can use it to motivate my team. We have a shelf where the three individual employees with the day’s highest rating have their picture, and I can see that this motivates. We also use it to create hype on our internal Facebook page,” says Store Manager Steffan Bjørkman from JYSK Herning in Denmark, who has had worked with customer satisfaction survey for more than three months.

The famous top-3 ranking shelf  

Customer First

So far the system has been running in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Denmark since October 2019, while a number of other countries have begun using it in 2020. 

This means, that JYSK has received thousands of customer reviews, which have already proven useful.

“In JYSK we say Customer First. But to put the customer first, we need to know exactly what the customers want. That is why we are introducing Customer Satisfaction Survey in all JYSK stores,” explains Retail Process Coordinator in JYSK, Jens Nordby and continues:

“When customers have given a JYSK store 4 or 5 stars, we can see that service level provided by the staff is by far the most important factor. However, this is also the case when customers give us 1 or 2 stars, and we can clearly see that service level and waiting time are the two most important factors to create a great customer experience,” says Jens Nordby.


In Herning, Store Manager Steffan Bjørkmann also uses the system as input to his staff planning.

“I could see that customer satisfaction was lower on Friday afternoons, because our customers had to wait longer at the register. Therefore, I changed the planning, so more employees start later on Fridays and stay longer instead,” says Steffan.

Barbora Macekova
Store Manager Barbora Macekova from Racá Bratislava in Slovakia

Store Manager in Racá Bratislava, Barbora Macekova, is also positive despite some issues in the beginning.

“It did not work properly in beginning and it took us some time to start using it. But the company was very quick to fix it,” says Barbora.

Like her Store Manager colleagues she shares positive comments with her team to encourage and motivate, and she also see other advantages when comparing Customer Satisfaction Survey with Mystery Shopping.

“Customer Satisfaction Survey is 100 percent better because we can get feedback anytime and any day. The Mystery Shopping is based on just one day, and it could be the bad one compared with a normal day,” says Barbora.


Remember to ask customers

This view is shared by her Store Manager colleague from JYSK Liberec-Rochlice in Czech Republic, Martin Vodicka.

Martin Vodicka
Store Manager Martin Vodicka from Liberec-Rochlice in Czech Republic

“Mystery Shopping was unreliable. The shape of Mystery Shopping could be difficult for customers, and some of them did not understand the questions. So I expected better feedback, and that is also what we have seen,” says Martin.

Like his colleagues, he spend time going through the results with his team to see what can be improved and to motivate by sharing positive customer reviews.

Another thing, which all three Store Managers agree about, is the need to ask the customers in order to get feedback.

“We ask all of our customers to give us the feedback to improve our services. We make sure everyone get the opportunity to do so, and we help the elderly, so they can be also the part of our Improvement,” says Barbora from Slovakia.

Steffan from Denmark agrees.

“The biggest issue is to get all employees to ask the customers to give feedback. That can sometimes be hard, because there are so many other things, which we need to ask the customers. But my view is that we should at least ask in situations where we have spent time giving advice to a customer, as it is really important to get feedback on that kind of services,” says Steffan.

Customer Satisfaction Survey is currently being rolled out in all JYSK stores. A process, which is expected to be finished in week 10.

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