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FY23: Store Managers evaluate their year


Author: Lisette Købsted-Nielsen, Communications Consultant

Category: Sales Growth , Strategy

Woody, Anna and Nicolas look back on FY23 with their many great achievements and how they overcame challenges.

JYSK recently presented the annual results for FY23. So, asked three colleagues to reflect on the latest financial year from their perspective as Store Managers.

Woody Wittock JBE portrait
Woody WIttock, Store Manager

Woody Wittock, Store Manager, Wavre in Belgium

“One of the greatest successes we had in the past financial year was to keep the team motivated to reach our goal of giving our customers the best offers and best service in a relaxed atmosphere.

The biggest challenge was to improve sales in our mattress section, but we overcame the challenge and ended up doing a great job. We did that by having "Sleep Academy" twice a year to ensure that the entire team knew everything there is to know about our products. This also supported our main goal to get our customers to know the advantages of shopping at JYSK.

I am very proud to be part of a company that really uses its values. I work with them every day along with my team, and they make us win.”

Anna Ignaczak JPL portrait
Anna Ignaczak, Store Manager

Anna Ignaczak, Store Manager, Sieradz in Poland

“We had great achievements as a team through the past financial year. We won two important internal competitions: the annual Golden Eleven and the Best Sales Attitude competitions.

The biggest challenge was to set the right path to become even better in terms of our results and cooperation. I’m very proud of the great commitment I have seen from the team and their professional approach to sales that they presented this past financial year.

Our store is located in central Poland, and our town only has approximately 40,000 inhabitants. So, I encourage all stores, especially those of us in smaller towns, to take part in the competitions. We all have equal opportunities. The basis for success is a well-coordinated and committed team, which I already have, and I wish it for all of you.

I am glad to be part of JYSK, because it gives me a sense of security, and therefore, stability and motivation to continue working.”

Nicolas Mazzarella JIT Portrait
Nicolas Mazzarella, Store Manager

Nicolas Mazzarella, Store Manager, Gravellona Toce in Italy

“The results have been exceptional in our store. This is the result of a strong commitment by the whole team to keep improving, which forms the basis for building our results. We also achieved fantastic Attractive Store results.

The biggest challenge was certainly to keep performing and stay motivated in moments of high pressure. But we overcame the challenge by developing a common strategy on how to communicate with customers and how to stay on track with sales. We emerged stronger as a team because everyone's skills in problem solving and communication improved.

Being part of a company that continues to expand makes me feel motivated to contribute to JYSK’s success and achievements. It's also very motivating to know that we are part of a company that offers continuous growth opportunities. That makes me feel like I have options: the job allows me to make long-term plans and if I want, I can take the opportunity to grow.”

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