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JYSK recognises suppliers with awards 


Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Head of Communications & PR

Category: Awards

The purchasing department at JYSK has handed out awards to three suppliers that have done extraordinarily well in the financial year 2023.

“As an international retailer, we of course have many different suppliers all over the world. But we would like to recognise some of our suppliers that have made extraordinary efforts to improve our collaboration. All for the benefit of our customers at JYSK,” says Martin Amstrup Bang, Executive Vice President Purchasing.

The winners of this year’s three awards are: 

  • Supplier of the Year: Welspun Global Brands Ltd. 
  • Agent of the Year: F&H Group A/S 

  • Trend and Design Award: 2-Connect ApS 

The winners have been recognised with a JYSK statuette and a diploma. 

Supplier of the year: Welspun Global Brands Ltd.

The supplier of the year is an innovative company with a strong focus on sustainability. JYSK and Welspun have committed to a very close partnership, which benefits both companies. Welspun’s main strengths have been to secure on-time deliveries and deliver a constant quality of the products.

Welspun wins Supplier of the Year


Agent of the year: F&H Group A/S

The agent of the year has shown a strong understanding and interpretation of JYSK’s trend briefs, which has resulted in commercially successful products across many categories within the assortment. F&H has also shown a good understanding of JYSK’s ways of working and works hard to secure hassle-free daily operations.

F&H wins Agent of the Year


Trend and Design Award: 2-Connect ApS

The supplier with this year’s Trend and Design Award has delivered a continuously good performance and proved excellent at developing new products for JYSK’s assortment. They always deliver a little extra in product and design innovation. 2-Connect also has an ambitious sustainability agenda and are setting clear goals for this important area.

2-Connect wins Trend & Design Award

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