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Big award in the horizon for great sales persons

Date: 17/03/2022

Author: Daniel Persson, Communication Manager Sverige

Category: Awards , Careers & HR , Sales Growth

To be able to exceed a customer's expectation is a skill some master better than others. Starting this year, these individuals will be even more rewarded within the JYSK organisation.

For several decades JYSK Sweden has had a yearly award for the most distinguished sales persons. This year, the award will be copied and implemented throughout all JYSK countries. The award will be known under the name "JYSK's Top Seller".

Retail Operational Manager, Michael Olesen, sees a great potential in publicly appreciating the work that many of JYSK's most talented sales persons put in on a daily basis.

"It is important that we give our customers a great experience, as this is one of the areas where we can differentiate us from our competitors and secure that our customers continue to visit their local JYSK store. It is also important that we have great sellers. That is why we introduce a competition to award the best sellers in our countries. We want to emphasise good customer service to our employees," Michael Olesen says.

The inspiration for the prize is taken from Sweden, where the national prize has gained notoriety among the staff with many employees competing to make themselves eligible to win each year.

Sebastian Nordtvedt
Sebastian Nordtvedt, the last Swedish Top Seller.

A prestigious AWARD

Nowadays, it has led to it even being prestigious to step up on stage as one of the district nominees for the national prize. 

The award is handed out on the JYSK Gala, a yearly festivity arranged by JYSK Sweden towards the end of the year. In front of a crowd of more than a thousand fellow JYSK colleagues, the winner gets a gold medal, but more importantly: a title she or he can use for a long time.

Last year, the national award was handed over to Sebastian Nordtvedt, a sales person on a temporary contract, who has blown everyone away with this genuine customer focus and ability to turn possibilities into sales.

"Unforgettable," Sebastian Nordtvedt said after receiving the award.

"There have been so many feelings building up since I knew I was among the nominees. This is the biggest recognition I have ever gotten. It proves that anything is possible if you really go for it."

A CHARActer prize

Johan Sjödin, Country Manager of JYSK Sweden, says that the prize plays an important role in the culture of JYSK Sweden. The candidates are selected, not through KPIs or any other number, but from the sum-up of the nominees' abilities, characters, and how well she or he represents the JYSK Values.

"It goes without saying that the "JYSK's Top Seller" is good at sales, but to get the award you need more than that. For us, it is just as important to be a good ambassador, that the person plays a role in building a positive culture and are willing to help others to develop," Johan says.

The award "JYSK's Top Seller" will be awarded to the best sales person in each store, district, region and nation in all countries (except Germany) where JYSK is represented.

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Alex what an awesome achievement ! What an awesome Award ! The Customer should always be our main focus at our great stores. Good to see that great sellers get the recognition they deserve.
Jysk Germany make it also happen here, because we have many great sellers with an unbelievable potential of almost 1000 stores.

feels good to be jysk ! congratulation

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