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JYSK Favourites lets customers have their say

01/10/2016 - JYSK sets the spotlight on customer reviews of our products in a major new campaign to be rolled out across 18 countries.

JYSK world map

JYSK Franchise opens in Belarus

01/10/2016 - If everything goes to plan, the first JYSK store in Belarus will open its doors to the public in November 2016.

JYSK Ukraine retail award

JYSK in Ukraine receives retail award

01/10/2016 - For the third consecutive year, JYSK in Ukraine has been awarded the title of the country’s best retail chain with focus on homewares.

Jan Bøgh JYSK President CEO

Third year for our strategy: Good ideas should be put into practice

01/10/2016 - On 1 September 2016, JYSK broached the third and final year of its CUSTOMER FIRST strategy. This year, the focus area is on execution.

JYSK charity Radomsko

Collaboration makes charity possible in Radomsko

01/10/2016 - For the fifth time, colleagues at JYSK’s distribution centre in Radomsko arranged a large warehouse sale

JYSK Norway bike race

Norway’s longest cycle race

01/10/2016 - In June Henning Kristiansen, District Manager for JYSK Norway, took part in Norway’s longest cycle race, Styrkeproven (“Test of Strength”).

JYSK talents cars

JYSK talents receive cars

01/10/2016 - This year’s employee satisfaction survey showed that the JYSK employees in Romania are the happiest in the Group.

JYSK colleagues mountain

JYSK colleagues teambuilding to the top

01/10/2016 - On 16-17 June, 26 colleagues from CZ/SK from the head office in Prague embarked on their annual hiking trip to the top of the highest mountain in the Czech Republic.

JYSK Malta store front

JYSK opens on Malta

01/10/2016 - Malta became the 42nd country on JYSK’s world map when the first JYSK store on the island opened on 22 July 2016.