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Welcome to JYSK – meet three new colleagues

Date: 06/10/2020

Author: Neele Pauls, Communications & PR, JYSK

Category: Careers & HR , People

Three new colleagues tell how they have experienced their first days and weeks working at JYSK. Welcome to the team, Alexandra from Norway, Roman from Russia and Maria from Italy!

Store Manager Trainee Alexandra from Norway

Store Manager Trainee Alexandra from Norway
Alexandra, Store Manager Trainee from Norway

“It has been very dynamic to start at JYSK. I started in one of the busiest and biggest shops in Oslo in the Furuset area. I had to learn right away how to handle cashier operations, to give information support and to sell products to our customers in order to be useful. It was challenging, but really interesting!

I have learnt a lot thanks to the good colleagues that are always here to help me. I like efficiency. Therefore, the biggest impression is that JYSK has a very strong system in order to constantly make things better. I think it is just amazing! I would advise everyone to learn as much as possible from every single working day in order to become a good team player.”

Team Leader Helpdesk Roman from Russia

Team Leader Helpdesk Roman from Russia
Roman, Team Leader Helpdesk from Russia

“For me it was a very exciting challenge, and I still have this feeling. If you imagine the JYSK Russia project as a video game - it’s wonderful to complete each level and rejoice in victories.

I was impressed by how JYSK cares about newcomers. All my previous experience was more like: "Hey Roman, here is your laptop, go to work". In JYSK I had a great introduction programme, and now I want to be sure that all new employees in Russia will be cared about with the same attention.

I was also impressed by the first store opening. I've spent four days working as Sales Assistant, and I've never seen such a high amount of customers in any other store opening. I've passed dozens of meetings and trainings, but these four days in a store raised me to a brand new level of understanding of how everything really works.”

Retail Manager Maria from Italy

Retail Manager Maria from Italy
Maria, Retail Manager from Italy

“It was great to have my introduction programme before starting! I was so excited to embark on this journey, and I could on-board very quickly.

After the first two months, coronavirus came to disturb my on-boarding, challenge the whole world, slow down processes, and crush results… I fought with all my strength to win! With success.

Being new, from the DBL Region of the organisation and experiencing the reduced personal contact with my colleagues due to coronavirus was challenging. But I enjoyed to be able to share some best practice but also worries and doubts in the Retail Manager Meeting. It was very well organised. I especially loved the workshops. Working together with very strong and experienced colleagues, I got answers on many questions and learned a lot.

I was also impressed by the company values and strategies and how well all the connected procedures and activities are developed. Everything makes sense and brings results.”

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