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Seamless days in Bucharest

Date: 16/09/2019

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: People , Strategy

On September 4 and 5, all District Managers, Retail Managers and Country Managers in JYSK were invited to Bucharest, Romania, to learn about the new strategy and changes in the District Manager role.

Seamless & Closer to the Customer.Strategy

That is the name of the strategy, which will guide JYSK for the next three years.

To ensure that District Managers and Retail Managers understand the strategy, and can answer questions about it, they were all gathered in Bucharest for two days in September.

September 4, the first day of the retail seminar, focused on the details of the strategy, and what it will mean for JYSK, while day two focused on the changes of the District Manager (DM) role, when DM 3.0 is coming into effect in the upcoming months.

"In JYSK we know that it is not enough to sit down and decide on a strategy in the management team in Brabrand. If we want it to live, we have to make sure that everybody truly understands it (...)"
- Mikael Nielsen | Executive Vice President Retail

“It is really great to see so many engaged and inspired colleagues here in Bucharest. In JYSK we know that it is not enough to sit down and decide on a strategy in the management team in Brabrand. If we want it to live, we have to make sure that everybody truly understands it, and District Managers play a crucial role in making that happen. It is a fantastic investment to fly in colleagues from 20 countries to work and align with our new strategy,” said Executive Vice President Retail, Mikael Nielsen.

Go digital

But strategy was not the only item on the agenda.

Day two focused on the changes in the tasks for District Managers, which will be implemented in all countries in the coming months.

Besides being introduced to the changes, all country teams worked extensively on how to transfer the words on paper to local actions, which is also an important part of the overall strategy.

“The changes are related to the strategy in the sense that they are all aimed to ensure that District Managers can spend more time in the stores and become an even bigger support for Store Managers and other store employees. This also means more time for the customers,” said Head of Retail, Michael Olesen.

Among other things, the changes focus on being more digital by using tools like MYJYSK and Storefront more, and generally replace the use of the computer in the office with the use of mobile tools.

Furthermore District Managers should spend more time on developing the store employees in their district, just as increased focus on work environment in all stores will also play a bigger part of the job for District Managers.

Michael Olesen
Michael Olesen, Head of Retail in JYSK.

Lots of energy

On the other hand they will spend less time on BI, as the number of BI reports has been reduced, just as increased use of Skype for Business is introduced, so District Managers will spend less time on the road.

“I had the opportunity to see what most country teams are planning regarding implementation of District Manager 3.0, and I really think that it will benefit the stores and customers in all countries, when the plans become reality. Overall I am very happy with the two days, and everybody left Bucharest full of energy and ready to go home and make a difference,” said Michael Olesen, after the end of the second day in Bucharest.

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