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“Our products must be produced responsibly”

Date: 18/01/2018

Author: Laura Roesgaard, Communications & CSR Consultant, JYSK

Category: CSR

JYSK is a member of BSCI, an international control and education system. Through BSCI, JYSK takes responsibility for the conditions under which our products are produced. 

As a large international company that is in contact with thousands of customers, suppliers and other partners every day, JYSK has a responsibility to ensure that things are done in a proper way. This type of responsibility is often referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

ScanCom produces garden furniture for JYSK on a BSCI-assessed factory.

JYSK’s products are produced in many different places in the world – also in so-called risk-countries. This refers to countries where it is found that there is a larger risk of challenges with for example working conditions. It is therefore one of the areas in which JYSK has focus on CSR.

“We want the conditions in the supply chain to be under control and therefore we joined Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) back in 2006, as one of the first Danish companies,” says Executive Vice President Purchasing, Peter Andsager.

Responsibility in supply chain
BSCI is an international supply chain management-system that secures responsibility in the supply chain in risk-countries.

As a member of BSCI, JYSK has joined in on a common Code of Conduct – which means a common set of rules with a list of specific demands for the suppliers. The Code of Conduct consists of 11 principles for an ethical and social responsible way of doing business. Among other things, child labour, forced labour and corruption is prohibited and demands are also made related to security, decent working hours and that the employees on the factories have the right to be a member of a union. 

Did you know…

  • That all JYSK’s suppliers sign the Code of Conduct and thereby commit to comply with the principles that are described in the document?
  • That JYSK demands that a BSCI assessment has taken place on the factory before the first products are allowed to be sent to JYSK?

On a global scale, BSCI has more than 2,000 members who all support the same Code of Conduct and thereby all make the same demands for the conditions on the factories where the products are produced.

Control and education
The suppliers are evaluated by a third party - which means an impartial company that is approved by BSCI to control the factories. On inspection visits, it is assessed how good the factory is at complying with the Code of Conduct. If there are any problems, BSCI and the companies that purchase goods from the factory will be informed so that they in collaboration can find a solution.

Peter Andsager
Executive Vice President Purchasing, Peter Andsager: “Through BSCI we can make the suppliers even better and secure that they comply with the demands that are made.”

”We take it very serious if there is a situation where a factory does not comply with the Code of Conduct. Through BSCI, we engage in a dialogue with the factory to help them get back on track. If that is not possible, our ways must part,” explains Peter Andsager and adds:

“JYSK is a responsible company and that also means that our products must be produced responsibly.”

One of the fundamental ideas behind BSCI is that JYSK and other members should take part in helping the factories to improve the conditions. Therefore, the suppliers also have the opportunity to be educated in how to comply with the Code of Conduct through BSCI.

You can read more about BSCI and the Code of Conduct on BSCI’s website. 

BSCI Code of Conduct
In January 2018 BSCI changed their name to amfori BSCI.


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