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New routine saves up to 1 million pieces of paper

Date: 11/02/2021

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager, JYSK

Category: Attractive Stores , Technology

Joanna Hyttinen
Joanna Hyttinen, Store Manager in JYSK Arabia in Helsinki, Finland

Instead of a printed piece of paper, the daily planning routine in stores now happens with a mobile. That saves up to 1 million printed pages every year.

“This is a major improvement,” says Joanna Hyttinen, Store Manager in JYSK Arabia in Helsinki, Finland, and adds:

“We don’t need to use time to find documents or print anything. We can go through the daily planning more smoothly together and everyone can check it if needed from the mobile app.”

Easy access for everyone

From 1 December 2020, all JYSK stores in Nordic Region and DBL Region have had the opportunity to say goodbye to the printed version of the daily planning template.

With around 2,800 stores times one saved page every day of the year, that means a potential saving of up to 1 million printed pages annually.

“The switch to a digital version is a way to make every tool easily available to all our colleagues in the stores. Now instead of printing a physical piece of paper, every employee has easy access to a digital version on their smartphone,” explains Sisse Porse Norlyk, Retail Operation Specialist, who has been in charge of the project.

“The savings in terms of printer ink and paper are of course an extra bonus,” she adds.

Helsinki colleagues
Colleagues in Helsinki check their mobile phones.

A more sustainable routine

In Finland, Joanna and her team have been quick to adapt to the new, digital way of working.

“Some employees were so accustomed to using printed version to tick off completed tasks that they were a bit confused at first. But in a relatively short time, it has become a new routine and the old procedure is hardly even remembered anymore,” says Joanna.

In addition, the Store Manager is happy with saving more paper.

“Every step towards a more paperless working environment is a step towards a more eco-friendly JYSK,” she says.

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