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Съревнование за най-атрактивен магазин: Запознайте се с един от областните победители - JYSK Brașov 3

Most Attractive Store competition: Meet one of the District winners, JYSK Brașov 3

Date: 15/03/2019

Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications and PR Manager

Category: Attractive Stores

JYSK Brașov 3 is the biggest store in Romania. We wanted to know how the store team prepared for the competition and how they managed to win the 1st place in their District. 

JYSK Brașov 3 store team
JYSK Brașov 3 store team.

The first round of the Most Attractive Store international competition concluded at the end of February.

One of the district winners is JYSK Brașov 3, a store which also holds a few important records in the country: the biggest store in Romania, the first store designed with the new Store 3.0 concept and the only store where customers can also see and test Online Only products.


The winner of each district was selected after the District Manager filled in a Store Level survey with 12 questions for each store. The results of this survey were not the only criteria. The Customer Index, Articles per customer index and Sales per customer index also helped JYSK Brasov 3 win the 1st place for District 9 in Romania.   

George Gâjgan, District Manager, revealed to us some of the reasons that made this store a winner.

„It’s a new store, which opened its doors less than an year ago. It’s clean, well organized and bright. The store is very big compared to most of our stores, so it is harder to keep it attractive. The team has to assemble more furniture. Also, the sale area is bigger, and this means that it takes more time and effort to clean it and organize it. The JYSK Brașov 3 team is one of the most united teams in the district. The Store Manager has trained his team so that every member is well prepared. Everyone in the team knows how to answer the customers’ questions”.   

Mariana Cațer, Store Manager JYSK Brașov 3
Mariana Cațer, Store Manager JYSK Brașov 3



Store Manager Mariana Cațer informed everyone in her team about the competition since the first moment it was announced. She tried to motivate all the store employees and she gave them responsibilities. By doing so, she managed to have an attractive store at the start of the outdoor season, with products on the shelves, an organized storage area and displays that respect the concept.  

“I think it is very important to get everyone in the team involved. If only the Store Manager or only two or three colleagues are involved, you won’t have the best results. It is very important  for everyone to work together, for everyone to care about winning contests, reaching targets and getting their bonuses”. 

For Mariana, having an attractive store also means having good sales. „Customers will not like a store that has no products on the shelves, no prices or is simply just messy. But if a store is clean and beautiful it will attract customers, and a client who had a pleasant experience in the store will come back again and again”, she says. 


The next round, the Region competition, will take place during the weeks 10-12, when the Store Concept Manager, Retail Manager Trainee and Retail Manager will visit all the district winners.

JYSK Brașov 3 store ready for the outdoor season



  • The store opened on 26th July 2018.
  • It was the second most successful opening from JYSK Nordic in FY 2017/2018.
  • It's the third JYSK store that Mariana Cațer manages. She previously worked as a Store Manager for JYSK Botoșani and JYSK Brașov 1.
  • The subgroup with the highest number units sold for the past six months is homeware.
  • The subgroup with the highest turnover for the past six months is indoor furniture. 

Mariana is hoping that her store will also win the Region competition.

“In a few days we will have the monthly meeting. I asked everyone in the team to come up with ideas and tell me what they think we can do more than what we usually do so that we can win. I am expecting everyone to present their ideas. All the colleagues know about the competition, they know what we are supposed to do and they can tell me their ideas about how we can be better. If someone has a good idea and everyone agrees with it, he or she will feel appreciated”.

The most attractive store in Romania will compete with the most attarctive store in Bulgaria during the Country competition. The winner will be decided by the Country Manager and will enter the final round, the Nordic Competition.

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