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Internal focus on responsibility is important

Date: 13/02/2018

Author: Laura Roesgaard, Communications & CSR Consultant, JYSK

Category: CSR

In order to make a difference for the people who make our products, we need to have the right mindset. Therefore, the work with BSCI should be visible.

Since 2006, JYSK has been part of Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), which is a system to secure responsibility in the supply chain. BSCI is based on 11 principles, which among other things prohibit child labour, forced labour and corruption, and set requirements for safety and decent working hours. Each factory is frequently inspected and it is assessed how good the factory is at complying with the 11 principles. The inspection visit and the assessment is referred to as a BSCI audit. 

What is BSCI?

  • All members of BSCI join a common Code of Conduct, which consists of 11 principles for responsible supply chain management.
  • The members’ suppliers are assessed by a third party, which means an impartial company.
  • If a factory does not comply with the Code of Conduct, BSCI and the member companies that purchase goods from the factory will be notified so that they in cooperation can find a solution.
  • If there is a serious breach - called zero tolerance - a solution must be found immediately.

A necessary focus

During the recent years, an increased focus on the internal anchoring of BSCI has been on the agenda in JYSK’s purchasing department.

”Visibility about BSCI and how we work with it is essential,” says Executive Vice President Purchasing, Peter Andsager and explains:

”There is a flow through the entire BSCI system, and it has to start with us. To have a positive impact in the supply chain we need the right mindset. Therefore, BSCI is an important part of the purchasing process, and we all have to be aware of that.”

Kathrine is happy about the internal focus on BSCI as it helps to improve the results of the suppliers. 

Results are presented

Twice a year, everyone’s attention is drawn to BSCI at a large status meeting, where everyone with relation to JYSK’s suppliers participate. At the meeting, the results of each purchaser are presented. In that way, it becomes clear how the suppliers for each purchaser’s specific product category are performing according to the 11 BSCI principles.

”The internal focus is important, and the fact that the results are being presented has an effect – it appeals to the competitive sense that most purchasers have,” says Kathrine Møller Nielsen, who is Category Manager, Bed linen, Sheets & Bathroom.  

Positive effect

After the meeting, Kathrine and the other purchasers receive an overview that shows, which suppliers face challenges.

“I reach out to those suppliers where there is room for improvements and ask for an action plan. A valid BSCI audit is not enough. The suppliers also have to work with the result and we have to see an improvement from audit to audit,” says Kathrine.

Since the increased focus on internal anchoring of BSCI, there has been a great positive development among JYSK’s suppliers. Today, the suppliers in general get a higher score in their BSCI audits that previously.

All JYSK’s suppliers sign the Code of Conduct and thereby commit to comply with the principles that are described in the document. 


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