Jan Oliver-Schmidt preview

New challenges in Bozhurishte

25/01/2019 - It has been a great but challenging experience for Logistics Manager, Jan Oliver-Schmidt, to move to Bulgaria and take up responsibility for the new distribution centre in Bozhurishte.


Bozhurishte is getting ready for opening

12/12/2018 - The new distribution centre in Bozhurishte, Bulgaria, is not finished yet, but the values of JYSK are already very much alive.

BF prep preview

Distribution centres report ready for Black Friday

19/11/2018 - Friday 23 November is Black Friday – a day that for the last years has meant record turnover and extra pressure on the distribution centres.


JYSK inaugurates fourth high bay in Uldum

02/11/2018 - The mayor of Hedensted, Kasper Glyngø, participated in the official inauguration of high bay 4 in Uldum along with EVP Logistics in JYSK, Allan K. Kjærgaard.

Packsizemaskinen skräddarsyrkartonger för JYSKs Ehandel

New machine makes customised packaging for online orders

23/07/2018 - Since May, JYSK has been making customised packaging for online orders. Minimising air in the packages helps make transport both safer and more environmentally friendly.

Johan Lahti

New packaging secures the journey of the box mattress

06/06/2018 - Improved packaging will ensure that box mattresses arrive unharmed to the customer.

Envelope sheets

From trash to charity

18/04/2018 - Cooperation between JYSK and the Salvation Army ensures that 28,000 sheets are transformed from trash to charity.

Minister visit DCN

Swedish minister impressed by JYSK

13/03/2018 - JYSK’s distribution centre in Nässjö, Sweden, has formed a partnership with the education Industrial Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) to recruit new employees.

Distribution centre Bozhurishte

Bulgarian distribution centre growing in the snow

05/02/2018 - See aerial photos from the construction site in Bozhurishte, Bulgaria.