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Fruzsina was at the right place at the right time


Author: Krisztina Szilvasi, Communications Manager, JYSK Hungary

Category: Careers & HR , Logistics

A chance encounter with an area manager was the start of Fruzsina Mikla’s career at JYSK. Now, she leads the Supply Chain Optimisation department at DC Ecser, Hungary.

Fruzsina Mikla with one of her colleagues at DC Ecser.

Sometimes you are just at the right place at the right time. That was the case for Fruzsina Mikla, who accompanied her husband to a trial day at JYSK’s distribution centre in Ecser, Hungary, in March 2022.

"While my husband was being led to the warehouse, I had a chat with one of the area managers. The manager asked me curiously where I worked and what I did. I told him that I used to be a shift supervisor at a small vegetable logistics company and that I was currently on probation as a stock controller while learning SAP,” says Fruzsina and continues:

“He then asked me curiously why I had not applied for a job at JYSK. We agreed that the position of warehouse administrator would be the first step for me because I speak languages and it will evolve from there.”

Application submitted right away

During the conversation, Fruzsina submitted her application, which the HR Manager had a look at immediately and promised to get back soon. A few days later, Fruzsina had a job interview and immediately felt that JYSK was the right place for her.

Fruzsina started her career at JYSK as a warehouse administrator. Initially, she was challenged by the position, but over time she has grown with the job. She was later given the position of Head of Administration and started to build up the Supply Chain Optimisation department, of which she also became the administrator.

"I like the part of my job where I liaise with our other departments and we brainstorm together on how to improve the handling of shipments - to get products to customers safely. I am happy to be part of the JYSK team," she says.

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