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The video interview: a new step in finding the right colleagues

Date: 10/07/2020

Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications and PR Manager

Category: Careers & HR , Technology

Last year, when Skype or Zoom meetings where a choice, not a necessity, JYSK introduced a new step in the recruitment process: the video interview. asked colleagues from Romania and Poland why it is important and how it helps us find the right candidates.

What do candidates think

Ciprian Ciufudean, Deputy Store Manager in Sebeș, Romania, started working in JYSK in March, after he moved to another city. He thinks the video interview is an interesting method to get to know the candidates.

Elda Fernandez, Ciprian
Elda Fernandez, Sales Assistant JYSK Timișoara Buziașului, and Ciprian Ciufudean, Deputy Store Manager JYSK Sebeș, are our new colleagues.

„I had only heard of video interviews for people who wanted to be journalists, television presenters or actors. I am not afraid to talk, either in public or on tape, but when I had to record myself I realized it was difficult. I had to redo the recording ten times until I got what I wanted. My phone was falling or a noise disrupted the recording. In the end, I did it”, says Ciprian Ciufudean.    

Elda Fernandez applied for the Sales Assistant job in Timișoara at the beginning of the year. It was her first video interview, she handled it well and she is now our colleague.

„I was expecting it to be longer, to have a lot of questions one after the other, in the same video. But there were not that many questions and it was well organized. Before taking the video I arranged myself, I went to my room, made sure it was quiet, I read the questions, decided on the answers, then I started the recording”, Elda Fernandez remembers.

Video interview
Marta Nieradka, HR Business Partner JYSK poland, during Piotr Tomsia's video interview.

For Piotr Tomsia, Deputy Store Manager in JYSK Brzeg, Poland, it was also a new experience.

“At first I was wondering what the purpose of recording video calls instead of a traditional meeting was, but I thought COVID-19, maybe that's why? On the other hand, I thought the company wanted to verify the candidates and invite only selected ones to the meeting...  I think this is a cool thing for a recruiting company, because it can do a preliminary selection of candidates instead of organizing many meetings that take time”, says Piotr Tomsia.


Marta Nieradka, HR Business Partner JYSK Poland, who led the interview with Piotr, confirms that the new tool speeds up the recruitment.

“It certainly requires some courage and a modern approach from our candidates. But we are looking for such - brave, goal-oriented and highly communicative. I always look forward to the recordings and I build additional questions based on them which I will ask during the interview”, says Marta Nieradka.

Video interview
Silvia Sfetcu-Negoiță, Recruiter JYSK Romania (left) and Salomea Szydełko, Store Manager JYSK Bytom, Poland (right).

Salomea Szydełko, Store Manager JYSK Bytom, Poland, used to spend many hours reviewing CVs, selecting candidates and having face to face interviews. Many were not suitable and some of them did not even reach the interview. Now, she manages to select only those who really want to work in JYSK.  

“It allows us to check how many candidates are really serious about working at JYSK. If someone does not care about work, they will not record messages. Recording a conversation can be stressful and, although the application gives you the opportunity to record many times, this video shows whether a person speaks freely or gets upset. Many people answer only one question without even using a camera or they set the microphone too far and they simply cannot be heard. It is a great tool and it helped me”, says Salomea Szydełko.

In the video interview we also notice abilities that can never be seen in a CV, says Silvia Sfetcu-Negoiță, Recruiter JYSK Romania.

“Even if a candidate does not have any experience, he has a chance to be invited for a face to face interview when he applies at JYSK. This happens thanks to the video interview. The lack of experience is no longer a barrier in the CV. Many employers want experienced candidates, even for entry-level jobs, but we are looking for those with a positive attitude", she explains.


  • "Do not be afraid of this solution and do not miss any questions. You are working on the first impression right now. Working at JYSK is primarily about contacting clients and being open to new solutions, so we invite you to join us". (Marta Nieradka, HR Business Partner JYSK Poland)
  • "Respect the same rules that apply for a face to face interview. Be positive, send a clear message, record yourself in a proper decor and talk about the qualities that can not be shown in a CV". (Silvia Sfetcu-Negoiță, Recruiter)


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