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A true Roman with JYSK values

Date: 24/05/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Careers & HR , Expansion

Now is the perfect time to join JYSK Italy for people looking for a great career in an ambitious company.

Store 3,000
The store opening was celebrated with a visit to the store from Country Manager in Italy Cesare Bailo, Executive Vice President Retail Mikael Nielsen and Executive Vice President HR Jan Verhoek among others.

Tuesday 18 May, JYSK celebrated the opening of store number 3,000 in Fiumicino outside of Rome, Italy. Actually the store opened on 12 February, but because of corona restrictions the employees in store number 3,000 had to postpone the celebrations.

But that does nothing to hide the pride of being Store Manager in store number 3,000 according to Glauco Viglietta.

“It is very motivating to be Store Manager in store 3,000 and it means a lot to all of the employees,” explains Glauco, who grew up in Rome and truly deserves the title true Roman.

Not only is Glauco a traditional Roman name with history dating back to when Rome was the center of the world. When asked about his name, Glauco just pulls up his sleeve and shows part of an impressing tattoo of among other things, traditional Roman coins, laurels and the text “Iterum rudit leo”, which means “the lion roars again”, and is related to when Rome was reconquered.

Strong values

Glauco Viglietta is the Store Manager in Fiumicino.

However that does not mean that he rejects other values than the Roman´s.

In fact JYSK values were the main reason for him to start working at JYSK in October 2020.

“I was fascinated of what I heard about JYSK and JYSK values, and I wanted to find out for myself, if everything JYSK said was actually true. It turned out it was. I really appreciate the fact that the values are not just words on a piece of paper but actually something we work with every day. That is very different from most Italian companies,” explains Glauco.

This also makes it important for him to live up to the values every day.

“I try to be visible and lead by example. I am also very focused on giving feedback and acting as a good coach to develop my colleagues,” says Glauco.


Development of employees is very important in JYSK Italy, because JYSK plans to open 300 additional stores in Italy in the coming years, which also means that JYSK Italy will need a lot of new Store Managers.

And Glauco is very clear about why this is a great opportunity.

“If you are ambitious this is the perfect time to become Store Manager in JYSK, because we are growing fast. This gives a great opportunity to grow and develop both personally and professionally,” says Glauco.

Personally, he is also very focused on the organisational and technical changes going on.

“Since we became part of One JYSK, we have got a lot of new tools that I am really happy about. I also look very much forward to implementing a whole new organisation in the store, which I am sure will make us even more effective and make JYSK an even better place to work,” says Glauco.

And that is important to him. To the Store Manager of store number 3,000. The real Roman with the JYSK values.

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