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A Store Manager with a successful attitude

Date: 11/08/2022

Author: Zvjezdana Novak, Communications Manager JYSK Slovenia, Croatia, BiH and Serbia

Category: Careers & HR

Gordano Jernejšek, Store Manager in JYSK Celje, Slovenia. visited Gordana Jernejšek, Store Manager in Celje, Slovenia, a store that has been achieving great results for years.

Gordana has been employed at JYSK for 14 years. She started working as Sales Assistant, and soon after she took over the role of Store Manager in JYSK Celje, Slovenia. Beside that, Gordana is an Internal Audit expert, mentor and trainer of many colleagues at the beginning of their careers at JYSK.

According to Gordana, the greatest value is the possibility of both professional and personal development.

„I have never before experienced an employer providing employees with as much education and opportunities to build a career path as JYSK offers. And that's why I think it's worth staying in this company," said Gordana.

Store manager of the year

In addition to Gordana's role as mentor and coach, she won the award for Store Manager of the Year in Slovenia.

"The award means a lot to me and I am grateful to my entire team. They are proof that we are always on the right path," says Gordana.



Every day customers need to be met with the right attitude, so that they receive the best possible service that  reflects in the best possible sales results. In her opinion, the main qualities of a good employee are self-initiative, consistency and positive attitude, and these are the values she wants to transfer to new colleagues during mentoring.

That Gordana is an excellent worker was also confirmed by her colleague Nataša Stopar, Store Manager in JYSK Trbovlje, Slovenia and former participant of the SMT program.

"I started working with Gordana in the introduction program for Store Managers. She welcomed me very professionally. She is very nice and relaxed to work with and always has a positive attitude, and in this way we easily overcame all the challenges that came before us", says Nataša.

Gordana participates in many employment processes, which she says is a great joy and an motivational experience.

"Each colleague is a new story and has his or her own view of the world, but the most important thing is that everyone is in line with JYSK values. I am happy that most of the colleagues I worked with are still in the company, even in a higher position", says Gordana.

Gordana with her colleagues.



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