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Record-breaking Black Friday for six years in a row

Date: 07/12/2018

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications & CSR Consultant

Category: E-Business , People , Sales Growth

Preparations for this year’s Black Friday campaign paid off as JYSK once again beat the records on the busiest days of the year.

Niels Veien
Niels Veien, EVP Customer Experience, Digital and Marketing.

The results of this year’s Black Friday campaign show an increase in turnover of more than 25% compared to last year. Both in stores and online the results were impressive and in total, more than 1,870,000 customers purchased something from JYSK during the Black Friday weekend.

“It is a fantastic result and something we can really be proud of. All countries have done a great job and contributed to the amazing result,” says Niels Veien, EVP Customer Experience, Digital and Marketing.

Since JYSK introduced Black Friday in 2013, the event has only grown bigger each year.

The campaign now makes up 30-50% of the total turnover for November, depending on the country, and from 2014 to 2018, the amount of customers that have shopped in JYSK on Black Friday has doubled.


Click & Collect is popular

Many customers used the Click & Collect service, and the results show an increase in Click & Collect orders with a total of more than 80,000 such orders, which is a 40% increase from last year.

Especially on Sunday evening, many customers made their orders just in time to get the great offers before the weekend ended.  “We have prolonged Black Friday to last the whole weekend because we want to provide all customers with our great offers and easy shopping. Our Click & Collect service makes it convenient for customers to select their products online and then they can collect the product in their local store when it suits them,” says Niels Veien.

Mădălina Filimon (third from left) together with her team in the store in Pallady, Romania.

Motivation in stores

The impressive sales numbers are results of thorough preparations to this year’s Black Friday campaign both at head offices, distribution centres and in all JYSK stores.

In a JYSK store in Romania, competitions among the employees functioned as a motivational factor to sell just a little more during the Black Friday weekend. Mădălina Filimon is Store Manager in the JYSK store in Pallady, located just outside the capital city of Bucharest in Romania, and she is happy with the results.

“We were very excited about the weekend and had high expectations. We kept checking the numbers and adjusted our goals to be higher and higher during the weekend. We gave prizes to our colleagues who could sell the most Christmas items, make the biggest sale or sell the highest number of additional products. It was fun and kept us motivated to sell more - and in the end we reached our goals,” says Mădălina.

Jarna Murtomäki, Store Manager in a JYSK store in Porttipuisto Vantaa, Finland.

Also in a JYSK store in Porttipuisto Vantaa in Finland, where Jarna Murtomäki is Store Manager, energy was high among the employees who were spoiled a little extra with pizza and candy.

“The atmosphere in the store was great during the whole weekend. We focused on sales and customer service. We kept track of the sales numbers and I gave updates to my team for each hour,” says Jarna.

She has worked in JYSK for more than 11 years, yet she was happily surprised by the interest from customers for this year’s Black Friday campaign.

“I have never seen such a strong start for the Black Friday weekend like this year. The campaign started in Finland on Thursday and already in the morning, many customers came to the store to get the great Black Friday offers they had seen in the campaign paper,” says Jarna. 

Black Friday in Customer Service Centres

  • JYSK Customer Service Centre answered more than 26,000 calls during the weekend. The vast majority was answered within 90 seconds.
  • The Customer Service Centre can help customers make their purchase, and during the Black Friday campaign, the Customer Service Centre made more than 3,000 customer orders.


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