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New system manages tasks on the mobile

Date: 30/06/2017

Author: Laura Sulbæk, Communications & Sponsorship Consultant

Category: Attractive Stores , Technology

JYSK Nordic introduces a new Task Management System to simplify work in stores and compile essential information in one place.

With MYJYSK employees will be able to receive and complete tasks on smartphones.

As the first country in JYSK Nordic, Norway moves to a new combined Task Management System and intranet in June 2017. The name of the new system is MYJYSK, and it will replace the current intranet, JYSKnet. 

Today there are many different channels in JYSK, where information and tasks for the stores are communicated, and the purpose of MYJYSK is clear:

”Our ambition with this new system is to eliminate the several different platforms on which you are receiving information about tasks, so that it becomes easier being an employee at JYSK. The goal is that we only have one channel for communicating tasks, and that is MYJYSK,” says Rass Skov, Head of Retail Operation at JYSK.

The system is specially designed for the smartphones, which are rolled out to all stores, as a tool to manage the many different tasks in the JYSK stores. At the same time MYJYSK provides access to all the information found on JYSKnet today. 

Provides great transparency

The system will not only to optimise the communication of tasks. MYJYSK should also give a greater overview of the many different tasks in the stores to the rest of the organisation.

MYJYSK will, for example, make it possible to see how many tasks there are in each individual country – all the way from a regional level to store level. This means that it will be possible to compare the amount of tasks from country to country to see if the workload is too big in the stores.

“The implementation of MYJYSK should lead to more tasks being completed, so we will get even better-looking stores and more time to help the customers, because our information is readily available and we are sure that it will reach each employee," says Rass Skov.

Feedback in a split second

To JYSK employees at the head office and the country offices the system will also be a big improvement, as it provides great transparency in relation to the tasks that are communicated to stores. It will give a better chance to see if the tasks are received, understood and completed as they were intended. In MYJYSK employees are able to track the task in the system and see the status.

"The goal is that we only have one channel for communicating tasks, and that is MYJYSK."
- Rass Skov, Head of Retail Operation at JYSK.

“Today it is very difficult to give and receive feedback on tasks in relation to our stores, as it is handed over verbally to, for example, a District Manager. In this way a lot of time can pass before the feedback reaches the head office if it even makes it that far. In MYJYSK you can give feedback on tasks in a split second and be sure that you reach the right recipient,” Rass Skov explains.   

where will MYJYSK be rolled out?

  • MYJYSK will run as a pilot project in Retail Norway as of June 20th 2017
  • Hungary, Greece, the Netherlands and Belgium are currently planned to be the next countries where MYJYSK will be implemented
  • In 2018, MYJYSK will be rolled out to the rest of the countries in JYSK Nordic as well as head offices and distribution centers.

Born on a smartphone

The expectation is that the pace of our communication generally will be faster in JYSK. The new system is born to be used on a smartphone and therefore the employees in the store will avoid spending time by the computer. They can now complete and receive tasks on the mobile no matter where they are in the store.

“The system is very intuitive and very user-friendly. This is why we expect to use a minimum amount of efforts on introduction and training in MYJYSK to our colleagues,” says Rass Skov, who has already received positive feedback from the colleagues in Norway, who have started to use the system.     

In the long term the system is not only supposed to be a tool to manage the tasks in the JYSK stores around the world, but also as an intranet for the entire company.

“In that way we collect all information to the employees in the same system, which will be a big advantage,” says Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director at JYSK.

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