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JYSK commits to reducing footprint of textile industry

Date: 29/11/2022

Author: Laura Roesgaard, Sustainability Communications Consultant , JYSK

Category: Compliance and Quality , CSR , Strategy

JYSK has joined a Danish, voluntary sector collaboration, which aims to reduce the environmental and climate footprint of the textile industry.

Numerous of JYSK's products are made of textile and therefore this is a strategic focus area in our pursuit for more sustainable raw materials.

Joining the collaboration is a natural extension of the already ongoing work in JYSK. 

Lars Ringtved
“Reducing the footprint of textiles is too significant a challenge for one company to solve alone,” says Lars Ringtved Nielsen, Compliance & Quality Director.

“We have been working to increase the use of recycled materials in our products for quite a while. Textiles are an important area as this is both a large product category in JYSK and an area with a high impact on the environment and climate. We see the sector collaboration as ambitious and aligned with both our own strategy and the upcoming legislation,” says Lars Ringtved Nielsen, Compliance & Quality Director.

He highlights that one of the strengths of the collaboration is that it consists of employees with specialist knowledge of textiles, who are all joining forces from different companies to contribute to a common goal.

More countries will join

The Danish collaboration is a result of a cooperation between the Danish Ministry of the Environment, trade associations and Danish companies.

From 2023, the collaboration will extend to include companies from Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

JYSK has been chosen to be part of the steering group of the Danish sector collaboration. The steering group approves the action plan and sub-goals, launches new initiatives, and continuously evaluates whether the ambition level can be increased.

Supporting the EU vision

The Danish sector collaboration wishes to support and contribute to the EU commission’s textile strategy and the vision that by 2030 all textile products placed on the EU market are durable, repairable and recyclable, to a great extent made of recycled fibres, free of hazardous substances, and produced in respect of social rights and the environment.

The objective of the Danish sector collaboration is that by 2030, all garment and textiles from Danish companies will consist of at least 40 percent recycled materials, including at least 10 percent recycled directly from textile fibres. JYSK has joined this common goal.

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