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Most Attractive Store Winner

Brașov 3 in Romania named JYSK's most attractive store

Date: 11/06/2019

Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications and PR Manager

Category: Attractive Stores

For the past three months, JYSK stores from 19 countries competed for the title of Most Attractive Store. At the end of May, JYSK Brașov 3 from Romania won the Most Attractive Store trophy.

Michael Olesen, Head of Retail Operation, and Fokke Been, Regional Concept Manager, visited the store to award the trophy and congratulate their colleagues. During their visit, asked what the team have done in order to come in at 1st place.

Michael Olesen explained why they chose JYSK Brașov 3 as the winner:

“The store was fantastic. The furniture area and the shelves were well filled and, on top of that, the members of the staff were smiling and they were actually serving customers, instead of just walking around with us. When looking into attractive stores, we aim for the stores to be nice, but that is only a precondition to give our customers the best service."

Most Attractive Store Winner
Michael Olesen, Head of Retail Operation, awarding the trophy and diploma to Beatrice, Sales Leader in JYSK Brasov 3.


After the Country Managers found the most attractive stores in their countries, the three best stores were chosen.

"We visited Sunndalsøra in Norway, Sorø in Denmark and Brașov 3 in Romania.  It was a fantastic experience to visit these stores, to talk to the Store Managers and the store staff, and to see what it is that they do differently from the other stores. It was amazing to hear that what they do is actually to use our tools. They work according to our guidelines, they use our mobility tools, they use MYJYSK and then, when they spot something in their morning round or the area they are responsible for, they just fix it. It is no big secret - they just do it,”, explains Michael Olesen, Head of Retail Operation.

Most Attractive Store Winner
The staff continued to serve the customers during the visit.

“The store reflects full focus on concepts. They are also very much into the details. All the details that we describe in the concept are implemented in the store. The stockroom is fantastic, the staff is good, they work with the mobile like Retail says they should,” says Fokke Been, Regional Concept Manager.


Both Michael and Fokke agree that when we have a competition, the stores raise the bar and the general attractiveness of stores is increasing. However, Michael Olesen also sees an improvement in JYSK stores’ attractiveness in general, not just during competitions.

“No matter where I go, also in my spare time, I visit the closest JYSK store. I saw some fantastic stores out there. The ones who have been in JYSK for several years are going in the right direction. It was nice to see that our normal store concept also had finalists, we had in the final both 3.0 stores and 2.0 stores. That was nice, because it is up to the store staff to secure that we have nice-looking stores.”

Most Attractive Store Winner
Michael Olesen, Fokke Been, Andreea Zahanagiu, Raul Ardelean and George Gâjgan during the visit. 


The JYSK Brasov 3 staff were enthusiastic when they heard the news. During the visit, they were smiling all the time, in a mix of emotions: happiness, pride and shyness.

At the same time, they served the customers, who, in Romania, are generally solution seekers, so they ask a lot of questions to find the product that suits their needs.


“Start with the basics. The basics are described in the concept. Look through the eyes of the customer, what do they expect when they come into the store. Serve them, be there for them. If you have the basics right and the store is good, it is up to you to surprise the customer with customer experience on a high level."

- Fokke Been, Regional Concept Manager

“First of all, this contest made us work closer together as a team. We became part of this team at different times, some of us are new, others have been here since the opening day. This contest united the team and raised the performance of the staff. We saw our flaws, we saw where we needed to work harder, and we improved the aspects that they told us we should improve in the previous rounds of the contest,” says Beatrice Alina Tudorie, Sales Leader in JYSK Brasov 3.

See more photos from Brasov 3 here:

Visiting the Most Attractive Store Winner (Photo Gallery)

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