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JYSK in Wołomin is the best store in central Poland

Date: 27/03/2019

Author: Aleksandra Chalimoniuk, Communication&PR Manager

Category: Attractive Stores

The regional stage in JYSK Nordic’s Most Attractive Store competition has ended. This time we go to Poland to meet one of the regional winners.

Wołomin team
Katarzyna Wolszczak, Deputy Store Manager, Michalina Michalczuk, Sales Assistant, Rafał Oksiędzki, Sales Assistant, Sylwester Szwed, Logistics Responsible, and Aneta Koc, Sales Assistant.

“Motivating the crew through morning meetings, clearly described tasks for each day and being a visible leader – this drives our team every day to perform,” says the Store Manager of the best JYSK store in central Poland, in Wołomin, Rafał Kaliński.

Rafaê Kaliõski
Rafał Kaliński, Store Manager in JYSK in Wołomin.

“Involving each employee in achieving the best results is the way to success. Being in top-5 of the most attractive stores, I feel great pride and satisfaction from being noticed and appreciated, because this is the biggest prize for me and my colleagues. The trip at stake in the final part of the competition would be the icing on the cake,” he adds.


The store in Wołomin, a town of 40,000 inhabitants in Mazovia, opened in August 2017 and immediately gained a strong customer base in the area.

“Every day, an average of 120 customers visit our store. We have loyal and friendly customers, but new customers also come to the store,” says Rafał. “Our great success is that we have low staff turnover, and our customers appreciate that.”


The store in Wołomin also has excellent results in customer service. Nothing happens by itself - the Store Manager and his Deputy carry out regular trainings to improve their colleagues’ customer service skills.

“There are several other factors that determine the good results of the store. The key to success is the cleanliness of the store, supply, implementation of concepts always on time and their implementation at 100 percent. Whenever we have doubts or questions, I contact the Regional Manager or Retail Development. Thanks to that, I know what we have to work on, and what we have already done well,” says Rafał.

Store in Wolomin

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