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New store concept is being tested in Berlin

Date: 17/05/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Attractive Stores

On 10 May, the prototype of a new store concept called SC3 Compact opened in Berlin. The concept will be the solution for smaller stores with an ideal location without the possibility to expand.

The store on Triftstrasse in Berlin reopened on Monday 10 May after a four-week modernisation. However, this was not a normal store update to Store Concept 3.0. Instead, this is a test of a brand-new concept called SC3 Compact.

The smaller-size concept has been developed to meet the challenge of many stores in the DBL Region: They have less than 950 square metres of sales area, which is the optimal size for JYSK’s Store Concept 3.0.

Jason Baumgärtel is Deputy Store Manager in the store on Triftstrasse in Berlin.

The store in Berlin only has a sales area of a bit more than 700 square metres, but according to Deputy Store Manager Jason Baumgärtel, the update has made room for many more products.

“We can now present a lot more products. The textile section in particular has grown significantly. The store looks much lighter compared to the impression we had before with the dark floors and the brown mattress area,” says Jason.

More compact stores

As the name says, the store is more compact than a regular 3.0 store. This means that despite a smaller sales area, the same number of products are available. To make that possible, some fixtures were removed and the remaining fixtures will be 40 centimetres higher and more packed.

It has been a challenging task for the Space Management Team to find room for all products with fewer square metres.

“We have adjusted all shelves and used every single square metre. We found out that by squeezing and reducing the air between article, we could actually save a lot of cubic metres,” says Tomke von der Damerau, Head of Space Management.

more than 400 Compact stores

The learnings from the new store in Berlin will be used for a final approval of the Compact concept, which should be ready for the new financial year 2021-22.

The concept will be an option for stores between 700 and 900 square metres of sales area.

“The Compact concept will never be our preferred solution, except when an expansion is not possible and the store has the ideal location. Potentially, we could have more than 400 of the SC3 Compact stores in the coming years,” says Michael Lauritzen, Store Concept Designer.

Store concept 3 compact

  • SC3 Compact will be considered for stores between 700 and 900 square metres of sales area in the DBL Region, if it is not possible to find a better and larger location.
  • More than 700 stores in Germany are smaller than 950 square metres. 250 of them are smaller than 700 square metres.
  • Fixtures previously 1.80 metres high will be increased to 2.20 metres.
  • Around 100 square meters of furniture space is created compared with a regular Store Concept 3.0 store.


On Friday 7 May, prior to the opening Country Manager in Germany Christian Schirmer and others visited the store.

Berlin Berlin

From left: Store Manager Trainee René Zierke and Sales Assistant Corinna Jeschke from the Berlin store.



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