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German distribution centres jump to a new world


Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Logistics , Strategy , Technology


On 14-15 January 2023, Distribution Centre Kammlach moved to a new ERP system. The distribution centres in Zarrentin and Homberg will follow in the coming weeks.

Mette Ellegaard Kokholm
Mette Ellegaard Kokholm starts the migration at DC Kammlach.

A simpler and more trustworthy ordering process for stores. More detailed and reliable planning for distribution centres. Unified ways of working across all of JYSK.

On 14-15 January, a new SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system was successfully introduced at Distribution Centre Kammlach (DCK) as part of the One JYSK project. The change was the first of three this winter to make all three German distribution centres operate on the same ERP system as in rest of JYSK.

“With this change, we will have all of our distribution centres in JYSK on the same IT system. By this, our solutions, our process optimisation and our energy can be focused on one system and one solution, which will create much more impact,” says Mette Ellegaard Kokholm, Logistics IT Project and Team Manager, who has led the project.

Some benefits of the new ERP system

  • Unified ways of working across all of JYSK as all DC’s will operate on the same system. This means much more room for improving the solution for everyone.
  • More detailed inbound planning possible by container and truck.
  • Store Delivery schedule and no back orders make the goods delivery more transparent.
  • Customer orders will be prioritised before normal store orders and allocations.


Project group
A support group was present during the operation at DC Kammlach.

Technically, the change of ERP system only means that administrative employees have to login to a new application than normally. For other employees, nothing has changed, but it will mean a change to some processes. This goes for inbound planning, receiving of goods and the introduction of a new store delivery schedule and system.

For store employees, the process of ordering goods will be simpler and more trustworthy, as they will now get deliveries on specific dates, and orders placed on products that are out of stock will no longer be kept in the system.


The first steps in migrating the three German distribution centres to a new ERP system were taken more than a year ago, as the distribution centre in Cheste, Spain, had to go through the same change. That operation underlined the complexity in changing the IT solution. This showed both some technical issues and the need for more communication and training of colleagues.

Therefore, Mette would like to thank DC Cheste for being the frontrunner that gave a lot of important learnings. Since then, the technical issues have been solved, and a lot of different work groups in Kammlach, Zarrentin and Homberg have been trained in the new system and involved in the project to make sure that all potential risks and worries were investigated.

the plan

  • 14-15 January, Kammlach flips to new ERP system.
  • 4-5 February, Zarrentin follows.
  • 18-19 February, Homberg completes the flip of the three DC’s.

”I would like to praise everyone around the project. We have received really good feedback on the project execution, and every user of the new system has been positive and open. Now, we have had a great start with Kammlach, but we still have one and a half months to go, so there is no time to sit back and relax,” says Mette.

DC Zarrentin is next during the weekend of 4-5 February, while Homberg will follow during the weekend of 18-19 February. In the following weeks, both internal and external support will be onsite to secure the best possible start.

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