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Welcome to JYSK - Meet three new colleagues (October 2019)

Date: 14/10/2019

Author: Mikkel Barkler, Communications & PR Intern

Category: Careers & HR , People

We have asked three new JYSK colleagues from different countries what it has been like to start in JYSK. Here you can meet Marthe from Norway, Michal from Poland and Luke from UK.

Marthe Christell Haugan, Sales Assistant

Marthe from Norway

"Something that has made a huge impression on me in JYSK is the recognition you get for good work. In many ways – encouraging words, opportunities for development, competitions and prizes and last but not least; the annual party! That is when you feel a little extra gratitude and pride to be a part of JYSK.

As a new employee in JYSK, I believe it is important to be confident and committed, and to set clear goals for both yourself and your team. The training program we have is worth gold and makes you feel well equipped for a hectic and busy day at work.”

Michal Slubowski, Marketing Assistant

Michal from Poland

"On my first day, I was introduced to all the departments, which gave me a good opportunity to say „hello” to everyone. I was impressed by how great everyone seemed to fit into their teams, completing each other. It seems that the “Scandinavian workplace culture” is not just an empty slogan in JYSK – it is embedded in the workplace.

Based on my experience: the best advice for a new colleague is: try not to be stressed too much. Other employees are very welcoming, and there is no such thing as a “rat race” attitude in JYSK. So just take a deep breath and do not worry about your first days, it will be all right!”

Luke Naughton, District Manager

Luke from UK

"I have already been involved with two Store openings. These are brilliant experiences and it has been enjoyable to welcome other new colleagues to Team JYSK whilst playing a part in the expansion in UK.

The welcoming and friendly nature of all my new colleagues has been great. The introduction planned for me has given me the opportunity to spend two weeks in Denmark and learn lots. I was also lucky to have the opportunity to attend the Retail Seminar in Bucharest where I had the chance to meet colleagues from all over Europe. This was a brilliant experience and it really emphasised how big JYSK is worldwide.”

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