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Share your strategy experience with new hashtags

Date: 02/09/2019

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications & CSR Consultant

Category: Strategy

Strategy hashtags graphicThree new hashtags, #CUSTOMERFIRST, #GROWJYSK and #EXCEEDEXPECTATIONS, put focus on the main messages of JYSK’s new strategy. 

Along with the new JYSK strategy, “Seamless and Closer to the Customer”, three new hashtags are introduced. They can be used by all JYSK employees when they want to share something that somehow relates to the strategy.

“In JYSK we already have a few hashtags which we use in different situations, for example #GOJYSK. Regarding the new hashtags, we encourage our colleagues across countries to use them when sharing everyday successes that relate to the new strategy. Often they can be used together with some of the well-known hashtags,” explains Communications & CSR Director, Rune Jungberg Pedersen.

rune jungberg pedersen explains the three hashtags

  • #CUSTOMERFIRST – “This hashtag reminds us that our Customer First approach lives on in JYSK. We focus on customer needs and have great offers. We handle the complexity and ensure a seamless customer journey.”
  • #GROWJYSK - “It is part of our DNA to grow and we want to be the world’s most widespread chain of stores. Grow JYSK is about continuing to open many new stores across the world and be profitable and successful.”
  • #EXCEEDEXPECTATIONS – “We want to exceed expectations in many areas, for example product quality, customer service and sustainability. We offer flexible delivery options, easy use and exchange options and great offers. It is also about being a great employer and acting responsibly.”

Below you can see some examples of JYSK colleagues who have already started using the new hashtags on social media. Click on the posts to read caption and hashtags. 


A post shared by Ivan Protega (@ivan_protega) on


A post shared by Leena Saario (@leenasofficial) on

Kenneth on LinkedIn
Kenneth A. S. Pedersen on LinkedIn #BringDedicationMeetPossibilities #ExceedExpectations #CustomerFirst #GROWJYSK #Respect
Roni on LinkedIn
Roni Tuominen on LinkedIn #GrowJYSK #Exceedexpectations #Customerfirst
Ville on LinkedIn
Ville Velin on LinkedIn #jysk #exceedexpectations #customerfirst

Find more posts with #GROWJYSK on LinkedIn and Instagram. 

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