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District Managers evaluate Retail Seminar in Bucharest

Date: 16/09/2019

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: People , Strategy

Five District Managers in JYSK from four different countries have told, what it was like for them to participate in the Retail Seminar in Bucharest.


“It is quite inspiring to be here, and to really see how fare JYSK is spanning. I get a much better overview and a deeper understanding of the strategy, which makes me able to explain it to employees in stores.”
-Luke Naughton
DM UK – been with JYSK for three months.



“It is fruitful, we get new information, and after discussing the new business plan, we learned what new actions we have to implement. We are now preparing a presentation regarding the use of data for the Store Managers Meeting. We will use an ambassador from each district to communicate the new strategy.”
Petr Hruška 
DM Czech Republic – been with JYSK for four years.



“When I came here I was really impressed with JYSK, and how we want to take the fight against our competitors. I can go back and tell my colleagues that we are a part of a really great and really big organisation, with a good plan how to win, which I am sure we will carry out.”
Jason Stapleton 
DM UK -  been with JYSK for 11 years.



"I am really proud to be here. There are a lot of people, a lot of knowledge and a lot of cultures gathered in one place. That makes it really inspiring to be here. We have already been through the strategy at country level, but after participating here in Bucharest, I feel extra well prepared to answer questions, and I look forward to work further with the strategy at our upcoming SM-meeting."
-Gordana Stanic 
DM Bosnia – been with JYSK for 11 months.


“It is great to be here with all of my colleagues. Working with the strategy makes it much more clear, where JYSK is now, and where we are going. The strategy is actually quite simple, and I think it will be easy to answer questions from colleagues in stores, after the meeting in Bucharest.”
Riitta Laasonen 
DM Finland - been with JYSK for 18 years.



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