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Colleagues from Romania spend a day with the Country Manager

Colleagues from Romania spend a day with the Country Manager

Date: 25/02/2019

Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications and PR Manager

Category: People

Nine colleagues from JYSK stores in Romania spent a day with Alex Bratu, Country Manager for JYSK Romania and Bulgaria, to learn more about the company and his job.

In January, nine Romanian store employees switched the normal day at the store with a visit to the Country Manager’s office.

They began the day with a thorough introduction, where Alex Bratu shared details about his background in retail and in JYSK as well as information about our company structure. The participants also shared their story of how he or she started working in JYSK and what motivates them in their job.

Colleagues from Romania spend a day with the Country Manager
During the meetings with Customer Service, Sales & Expansion and Communication.

“It was nice to see what Alex is doing each day. I also found it interesting that he started from a lower position and that, by working hard, he managed to be where he is today. I was also impressed with the fact that our company helps vulnerable children by making charitable actions,” says Georgiana Georgescu, Deputy Store Manager in JYSK Petroșani.

How ideas come to life

The Country Manager’s agenda for the day included meetings with three departments. The colleagues from the stores joined Alex during meetings with Customer Service, Sales & Expansion and Communication.

Bogdan Popescu, Logistics Responsible in JYSK Pitești 2, shared a few thoughts about the meetings:

“I loved the fact that everyone was open, the atmosphere was relaxed and no one was afraid to talk. It was interesting to know the Top 10 best-selling articles from a store opening and the total number of customers from the last store opening.”

After the meetings, the colleagues were divided into three teams and took part in a workshop.

They answered questions and shared ideas about how Retail and Customer Service can work closer together, which social causes we can support and what products we should include in local campaigns.

Colleagues from Romania spend a day with the Country Manager
Alex Bratu and Maria Ivanof (Store Manager) showed our colleagues the Stockroom area

Discovering the new 3.0 store concept

The last activity in which they participated together with the Country Manager was a visit to the JYSK Frigocom store, where they experienced the new 3.0 store concept.

Maria Ivanof, Store Manager, walked them through the store and showed them the advantages of the new concept.

Cristina Ioan, Deputy Store Manager in JYSK Cluj, was impressed by the new concept:

“I liked the fact that the cash registers are in line, because it allows customers to have a better view of them. Another thing I liked was the way the hangers are displayed, which makes them more attractive for the customers. In our store they are placed in baskets, but in the new concept they are hanged, just like you would hang them at home, in your wardrobe, and this makes it easier for customers to take a look at them.“

The day ended with awards to the team that gave the most accurate answers to the questions about the different departments’ activities. “Our wish was to give our colleagues the opportunity to have a look at the way in which JYSK’s activities are run in our country and to give them the chance to ask any questions they want. For the colleagues that work in the stores, this was an insight into the Country Manager’s activity and an opportunity to better understand the way in which a company works,” says Alex Bratu.  

About the participants

  • Laczko Laszlo, Logistics Responsible, has two titles of National Champion at Judo, both for Romania and Hungary, and one title of Balcanic Champion.
  • Cristina Ioan, Deputy Store Manager, lived for 15 years abroad. When she came back, she was happy to see that in JYSK people appreciate equality.
  • Bogdan Popescu, Logistics Responsible, is currently writing a book about how people have the power to change what life has in store for them.
  • Alex Bratu is 43 years old and has been the Country Manager of JYSK Romania and Bulgaria since 2010. He plays the guitar and has released two rock albums.


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