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Update from our CEO: New turnover record and new role

Date: 14/09/2021

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Jan Bøgh
Jan Bøgh, President & CEO, JYSK.

Dear colleagues,

I am happy to say that despite the challenges we faced in the latest financial year, JYSK managed one again to set a new turnover record, and when we see the result, I expect that we can be satisfied with that as well.

But as you all know, FY21 is already ancient history, and now we have to concentrate fully on ensuring that FY22 will be a success as well.

New role

On a more personal level, FY22 and FY23 will be very special for me, as it will be my last two years as CEO & President of JYSK.

I have agreed with Chairman of Lars Larsen Group, Jacob Brunsborg, that I will take on a new role as CEO & President of Lars Larsen Group Retail, with the responsibility of developing all the retail companies within the group and be responsible for additional acquisitions within retail.

I look forward to contributing to the success of JYSK as well as to the success of all other Lars Larsen Group retail companies in a new way.

New CEO and President of JYSK

However, it also means that after more than 20 years as CEO & President of JYSK, I will hand over that title to current CEO of ILVA, Rami Jensen, who will take over the daily responsibility for JYSK as of 1 September 2023.

I am very happy that Rami has accepted the job, as he
knows JYSK thoroughly and can be at the forefront of the continued development of JYSK without compromising on the values ​​on which the company is built.

Having made the decision so soon will of course also mean that Rami will have time to prepare for taking over the role, so we can hit the ground running.

FY21 is already ancient history, and now we have to concentrate fully on ensuring that FY22 will be a success as well.
- Jan Bøgh, President & CEO, JYSK

Focus on the task at hand

As you can probably guess, we have been working with this setup for a while, so I am very happy that I can now share it with all of you.

However, it does not change anything in regards to what to do on the short run. That is still to keep full focus on the tasks at hand.

We have a lot of new stores to open, a lot of stores to rearrange, a country to rebrand and preparations of the opening in Turkey have already begun.

All this on top of the daily tasks of serving all of our customers and making sure that they will choose JYSK again.

For me, these tasks are more important than ever, as I want to take over my new role two years from now with yet another two record results to celebrate.

Best regards,

Jan Bøgh
President & CEO

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