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JYSK Finland won “Best Responsible Employer” for JYSK Awards

Date: 31/01/2022

Author: Johanne Sandal Nissen, Communications Coordinator, JYSK

Category: Awards , People

In several countries, JYSK Awards is a yearly celebration where colleagues are being honoured for their dedicated work. In JYSK Finland, the Awards also got recognition outside JYSK, as it secured them the first place in a “Responsible Employer” campaign.

JYSK Awards
Store Manager Sara-Sofia Sovijärvi was one of the winners at JYSK Awards 2021 in Finland.

It was a big celebration for JYSK Finland when their JYSK Award was able to be held physically in autumn 2021, where both administrative and store employees participated at a joined venue. Here everyone could enjoy delicious food and a concert with a popular Finnish artist while celebrating each other.

Leena Saario
HR Manager Leena Saario received the prize as "Best Responsible Employer" on behalf of JYSK Finland.

Already a few months later JYSK Finland had another reason to celebrate when they won first prize in a “Responsible Employer” campaign by the Finnish job ad portal Oikotie.

”We were told that we won with 22.8% of the votes from the Finnish population, who could vote on the top ten companies chosen by Oikotie. I think it is really impressive that we won considering the huge companies we were up against,” says Leena Saario, HR Manager in JYSK Finland.

The feeling of community

Oikotie, who is known in Finland for their campaigns, focused on the feeling of community in their “Responsible Employer” campaign 2021, since it has been a difficult year to socialise with colleagues due to Covid. They also had a seminar in December 2021 where Leena was invited to tell about JYSK.

Tiia Perhonen
Office assistant Tiia Perhonen got to cut the cake in the Head Office as she was responsible for the JYSK Awards 2021 in Finland.

Here she elaborated on how the feeling of community has been upheld in JYSK Finland through difficult times especially with the JYSK Award, which became the initiative that secured JYSK Finland the prize as “Best Responsible Employer 2021”, which Leena received at the seminar.

“The response among my colleagues was amazing when we won first place, and we celebrated it with cake both in our Head Office and all stores,” says Leena.

Relation between colleagues

Sara-Sofia Sovijärvi, Store Manager in the neighborhood Ruoholahti in Helsinki, was one of the winners at the JYSK Awards 2021 in Finland, where 17 different awards were handed out in total.

JYSK Awards
For JYSK Awards 2021 Sara had created a "Party Pass" for "Team Ruoholahti" to create a feeling of team-spirit.

She won an award called “JYSK person of the year” because she is always ready to help her colleagues for example by mentoring, recruiting, and training talents. She explains that the different awards are a great motivational factor for her and her team.

“JYSK Awards motivates us a lot. For example, this year me and my team do everything we can to win the award “Store of the year” in time for the next Award show,” Sara says.

Sara also explains that she senses a feeling of community when attending JYSK Award.

“It is always fun to see colleagues from around Finland that you do not get to see very often otherwise. I do believe that the JYSK Awards bring us even closer, both as a team and across JYSK,” Sara says.

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