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Joint meeting of all Store Managers and Deputy Store Managers


Author: Zuzana Rafajlovič, Communications Manager

Category: People

In March, a meeting of all Store Managers was held, which was attended for the first time by all Deputy Store Managers.

At JYSK, we believe that strengthening empowerment and knowledge, based on our values, leads to team strengthening and performance improvement. Empowerment, as one of the main themes of the financial year 2024, has led to elevating the role of Deputy Store Managers in JYSK stores and to the decision to organise a joint meeting for them at the country level.

JYSK Czech Republic and Slovakia held their first joint meeting of all Store Managers (SM) and Deputy Store Managers (DSM) in March 2024. Due to the high number of participants, the meeting was divided by regions. 

"There is no significant difference in competencies between the SM and DSM positions, and many of our DSMs are eventually promoted to the SM position, so we want to approach them in exactly the same way and provide them with the same information," says Martin Liška, Retail Manager in JYSK Czech Republic.


Deputy Store Managers Czech Republic
Store Manager Jiří Danihel and Deputy Store Manager Petr Machalka from JYSK store Ostrava-Karolína attended the meeting of the Czech Region 2.

DSM Petr Machalka and his Manager Jiří Danihel from JYSK Czech Republic see the greatest benefit in unity and mutual trust.

"I see the joint meeting as a great benefit. For me, a DSM has no differences from a manager himself; these two cooperate closely together. Today, this collaboration is at a level where they can engage, see, and influence how things work," says Jiří.

His deputy Petr agrees:

"I was thrilled when I found out about the joint meeting. It's finally here! I have the opportunity to directly express my views on current topics. I wanted to experience the atmosphere and bring the energy from the meeting back to my colleagues at home. But the most important thing is that my manager and I are on the same page, that we understand each other and trust each other. My Store Manager knows that when he returns to work after 14 days of vacation, he is coming back to a store that functions normally."

Support for empowerment

Deputy Store Managers Czech Republic
Retail Manager Martin Liška and Deputy Store Managers from Region 2, JYSK Czech Republic.


We strongly believe that Deputy Store Managers play a vital role in stores.
- Michael Bach Olesen, Retail Operational Director

“For the financial year 2024, we have decided that we would like to elevate the role of Deputy Store Managers (DSM) and give them more attention and secure that they have the information and motivation to use their role for the favorable development of our stores. As a result of this we have decided that the DSMs should have a yearly meeting in the countries.

We strongly believe that DSMs play a vital role in stores. And by involving them more in these topics we also secure that they have the right skill to succeed even more in their leadership role, being a key driver when it comes to moving their team towards even better results,” says Michael Bach Olesen, Retail Operational Director.

Deputy Store Managers Czech Republic
Part of the workshops took place in a nearby JYSK store under the guidance of the Store Concept Manager and members of the E-team.

Martin Liška evaluates the course and impact of the meeting very positively:

"I see the greatest benefit of the joint meeting in deepening the collaboration between Store Managers and Deputy Store Managers. For DSMs, it is also an opportunity to see how things work at large meetings, meet colleagues from Head Office, and better understand what's happening in JYSK outside of their store. All of this contributes to their motivation and development." 

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